Google Authorship: Time to Groom on SEO

Google Authorship happens to be a Google initiated method that helps to connect and place the original content of trusted authors higher on the search results pages. Some have called it to be a future of our content that gets published on the web. So, here’s how Google Authorship works in favor of authenticated authors and why it should be set up by more and more authors.

Let’s Know Google Authorship

Google algorithms ensure to list best content links in the search engine results pages when you type particular keywords in the search option. The higher ranked or best ranked pages are a result of Google algorithms’ recognition of the best content on the web. Having known that, we can thank Google.

Currently, SEO is drawing everyone’s attention in content marketing to their constantly updated content on the web. Unless your content is good, fresh and has the ability to compel its readers, it may not make a place of its own in the Search Engine Rankings easily.

By setting up Google Authorship, authors can leverage the power of search engine optimization and appear higher on the search results pages. Google Authorship is helpful in bringing your content on the search results pages by giving authorship to the content you have created.

Get On Google+

Back in 2005, Agent Rank – a Google system – allowed content of “skilled” or “trusted” authors to rank up higher than not-so-skilled authors in the search results. The need to enhance Agent Rank gave rise to Google Authorship. With the help of Google Plus that gives authors a verified identity Google Authorship became a channel to establish authors’ authority on the web.

Author’s photo and a byline are the first results of validating his or her authorship on the web. Google+ helps in sharing out information about the author, such as name, photo, number of Google+ Circles, etc. The following is the search results page for “How Google Authorship works.”

Google Authorship: Time to Groom on SEO image google authorship

You may have given much of your time to writing your article, but it brings you fruits after Google recognizes your content and gives you credentials for it. I don’t wish to scare you by mentioning about content theft or plagiarism. I want you to keep alert and take handy steps to keep your content safe and recognized well in search rankings.

Steps To Create Your Google+ Effective

By using the Google Plus and creating your profile along with your name and photo, you can be on the safer side as then Google recognizes you as a trusted author.

Fill all relevant fields of creating your Google Plus profile. Add your photo, date of birth and other details carefully. You can even list the sites on which you want to publish your content.

You should link your bio and posts to the author’s page on the site by using a rel=author tag in the header. This way, your Google Plus profile gets the Google Authorship. The snippet for Google Authorship most often appears at the bottom of authors’ content.

In case you are not able to add the rel=author tags, verify your email address from the site where your content is published.

Content That Doesn’t Get Authorship

Ever wondered why some kind of content doesn’t get approved by Google and is kept away from its Authorship?

Google Authorship should not be applicable to a set of articles by an author. It should be used only for a single content or a post. Also, Google doesn’t approve of using Authorship for property listings or product pages. Authors should verify their authorships by visiting Here, you can check for your particular article/blog, whether Google Authorship is working for it or not.

Google Authorship: Time to Groom on SEO image google authorship example

Google Authorship is strictly for real identities and not the fake ones. For this, Google encourages using the right image of the respective author than a mascot or a company logo.

If you are writing your content in different languages, keep it essentially linked to a single profile only. Do not create multiple, Google+ profiles for different language content.

Direct Benefits of Authorship

Google Authorship gives you ample benefits of being a trusted author and connecting your posts to your Google Plus profile. What are these benefits, let’s know.

  • It gives your content a real face that readers find easy to connect with.
  • Your constantly written good content will appear much higher than other authors and hence get more recognition.
  • It helps in expanding your Google Plus profile on the web.
  • It increases your credibility as an author and establishes your identity.
  • Your content gets higher click-through-rate.
  • It induces easy and quick indexing which means good SEO performance.

Tips for Better Authorship

The following are some tips to enhance your authority and credibility on the web.

  • Always post good quality content. This helps in getting you more exposure among your competitors.
  • Interact regularly in your Google+ Circles and reach out more with your content.
  • Keep guest posting for valuable sites. This helps revolve your content more.


Google Authorship is an important feature when it comes to displaying your content on search engines. How effectively you establish your Authorship and link it to your content defines your success on the search results pages. In return, it yields optimum results by showing your content higher than other links. Back in 2012, Matt had asserted the impact of Google Authorship and linking it to your posts for getting good rankings. It is assumed that its relevance will only grow in the coming times and give added advantage to the trusted authors.

I am sure if you are not linked to Google Authorship will now like to give it a try and see how well it works for your content. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it makes you more popular and give your content more mileage. All the best!

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