Get The Skills You Need To Keep Up With Modern Marketing

Get The Skills You Need To Keep Up With Modern Marketing

by , Columnist, July 13, 2018

The skills needed to support the changes in marketing move at the speed of light. Even the most intelligent marketers can easily fall behind if they don’t work to expand their skills.

Want to place yourself ahead of the crowd? Become digitally adept and establish yourself as a credible marketing expert by earning these certifications:

Advertising Google AdWords

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or jump-starting your career, getting a certification from Google AdWords is always a smart idea. 

The certification is valid for one year and is rewarded to those who are able to demonstrate knowledge of AdWords.

The program covers seven modules. In order to become certified, you must pass two exams, the Adwords Fundamentals exam as well as another exam either in search, display, mobile, video, or shopping advertising.

Start here: Google Partners

Cost: Free

AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Individual Qualification 

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) certification demonstrates basic proficiency in Google Analytics. Knowing how to measure campaign metrics, engagement and other KPIs is key in scaling and monitoring your efforts.

In order to earn the certification, you must pass the Google Analytics IQ assessment with a score of at least 80%. You must first sign up for an account through Google’s online training program, Academy for Ads, to get access to the exam. The certification is valid for 12 months.

Start here: Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)

Cost: Free

Content HubSpot Content Marketing

To be an effective content marketer, you must be skilled in creating content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement. One way to enhance your content marketing aptitude is by getting certified with HubSpot’s Content Marketing course. 

The course teaches you who how to build scalable processes and a valuable content library to generate leads that turn into customers. It includes lessons that cover effective writing, long-term planning, storytelling, content frameworks, repurposing, and promotion and analytics.

Start here: HubSpot Academy

Cost: Free

SocialHootsuite Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite offers social media marketing training across all levels. From an introductory course to an advanced social advertising certification, the platform helps social media strategists gain fundamental social marketing skills.

Hootsuite suggests that users take its free online Social Marketing Training course before taking the exam. The exam itself is a 60-question timed exam with a passing grade of 80%, and can be retaken as many times. The certification never expires.

Start here: Hootsuite Academy

Cost: $199

SEO – SEO Certification from the Online Marketing Institute

Search engine optimization (SEO) is intended to improve the quality and quantity of traffic going to a website from organic search engine results through high-quality content and the optimization of keywords and metadata. 

Gaining a strong understanding of SEO, including key tools, strategies and best practices is incredibly valuable. Upon receiving the certification, you will be able to apply proven SEO methods to organically generate relevant keyword phrases for your site.

Start here: The Online Marketing Institute

Cost: Starts at $27/month Search Marketing Daily