Finding Your Audience With Facebook’s Graph Search

May 8, 2015

We often get new clients that walk in the door with a confused, frustrated look on their face. Before the discussion even begins, we can almost guess what is going to come out of their mouths. It typically goes like this, “I don’t understand why our digital marketing plan isn’t working. We are getting lots of traffic to our site but no conversions.”

Does this sound familiar or are you in a similar position? At times, we can pretty much pinpoint the problem before we even look at their analytics. Don’t worry, we do look at their analytics every time, of course, if they have them.

So what’s the typically the problem? You would think heavy traffic would ultimately lead to an increase in sales. Well, that’s not the case, and it typically evolves around BAD TRAFFIC.

That’s right, not all traffic is the right traffic. And if you’re not targeting your specific audience, then chances are you’re getting traffic that won’t help you.

Take for example a small, local roofing company in Michigan. Let’s say this company is using an ad package, but failed to select a geographical location and went with the preset of the U.S. Do you think this company is going to want people visiting their site who live in California? Probably not.

This is just one example of how NOT targeting your specific audience can go wrong. You have to target the consumers who are going to be interested in your product. If you’ve got people coming to your site from all over the country, or even worse, from all around the world, chances are you’re going to have a high bounce rate with little to no conversions.

There’s also going to be customers who have different needs, so you’re going to need to take a more granular approach with your targeting efforts. The goal is to figure out your audience, determine their needs and begin marketing to that group of people.

If you’d like to learn some advanced targeting tips with Facebook, be sure to take a look at the short video clip above.

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