Effective Job Description Writing Techniques for Your Company

— February 22, 2018

Effective Job Description Writing Techniques for Your Company

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When you are out to fill an open position in your company, know that the process is more than just the interview. Making a new hire is a challenging process that involves not only understanding what employee you need, but the position you are offering as well. An important step is writing a compelling job description. Here are tips you can use to optimize the description of the job you are offering.

Make the Position Title Clear

Read your job description title and determine whether you can make sense of it from a non-organizational perspective. If the meaning is not clear initially, then the title needs a facelift. In some cases, the position title may be too long or too confusing. A short title can still be meaningful and attract the right type of individuals to your job opening.

Visualize the Position

Potential candidates for a position want to envision what they will be responsible for on the job. They also want to know what type of company and team they will be joining. Without enough easy-to-visualize information, your job description may not help candidates understand the position adequately, which may contribute to incompatible hires. Also, you may lose out on talented hires who look elsewhere for job openings.

Identify the Work Experience

Your company may have a formal or casual approach to conducting business. Regardless of the case, it is essential to present the type of culture your company has in the job description. Also, be sure to mark out distinct features of your office, whether it is morning meetings, team seminars, or travel requirements. These are essential details to include so job-seeking candidates will fully understand what type of company they are applying to work for.

Describe the Most Valuable Skills

A job description is complete when it has a list of the skills necessary to complete the job. That allows candidates to evaluate their current resume and make a better comparison of their current abilities and the ones required for the job. The direct result is that you will have a more narrowed, but valuable list of candidates applying for your position.

Describe What the Daily Duties Are

The daily activities of the job will be welcome information for candidates to know as they consider your job opening. Make an effort to extrapolate what the regular activities of your position may entail in the future. It is important to know that you are looking to hire for the long-term as well as the short-term.

Outline the Model for Success

Different positions have varying degrees and categories of success. Be sure to identify in precise terms in your description. When candidates understand what constitutes exceptional performance in your offered role, then you will have more prepared and informed candidates coming in for the interview.

A successful job hire is taking into account how well you understand your needs and outline them clearly in the job description. With these factors considered, make it a priority to develop clear, informative descriptions that attract the most suitable candidates. By incorporating these steps, you can help your description be as visual and detailed as possible.

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