Dynamic LinkedIn Techniques to Promote Your Personal Brand

April 26, 2015

One of the keys to unlock doors to success is good and adequate exposure. LinkedIn is a leading networking resource for personal brands, and is now a great warm lead generator as well. But then, how would you be able to get the maximum benefits from it? A very informative article, 4 LinkedIn Strategies to Boost Your Personal Brand, by Personal Branding Blog tells us how.

Check out these tips on how to promote your personal brand via LinkedIn

  1. Start with InMail

InMail is an effective way to communicate with other brands or individuals in your field. Choose to write a personalized message tailored to your contacts rather than a generic one.

  1. Stay Connected

It is important to make another personalized message that can follow up on your initial letter and answer any questions. What better way to connect with other experts and potential clients for your brand. This is a prime opportunity to open up more about what your business has to offer.

  1. Join the Discussion

There is a huge number of professional groups and published posts flowing through LinkedIn every day. Choose what best matches your niche, and interact with them. Group conversation is a great way to establish relationships and find new set of leads.

  1. Publish Important Events and Updates

Use these milestones as a way to maintain communication with your network, and keep them informed about the latest with your brand and any industry updates. Also, use this bulletin to offer what you can do for their business needs and interests rather than self-promotion.


LinkedIn is a gateway to success and popularity. Applying these techniques will surely fascinate your potential clients and will connect you to other experts and professional in your field.

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