Stop Sending Clients Swipes! Offer to Heal a Gaping Wound Instead

Stop Sending Clients Swipes! Offer to Heal a Gaping Wound Instead

How to attract high quality clients…

But WITHOUT spending hours writing free swipes for each one.

Send them an action plan on how you can heal a gaping wound in their business instead.

To give you an example of why you should…

I recently hung my shingle in the Nothing Held Back Jobs Board.

I shared some of my recent wins… a testimonial from an A lister… and politely directed clients to my website for more info.

I went to bed that night satisfied my work was done… and that I’d have a filled inbox by the morning.

But the response?


My post got a gracious flurry of emojis from the CA crew (thanks guys!)…

One brief website visit from the Philippines…

But that was it.

So why did my job ad bomb so hard?

Because I didn’t address an URGENT client need.

I wasn’t offering to heal a gaping wound in their business that’s hemorrhaging money with each passing minute.

Here’s how I fixed that…

My target niche is health supplement companies.

And 99% of them are running direct offer discount style Facebook ads.

Sure, running direct offer ads is squeaky clean compliance wise.

And they can convert a warm audience with little friction.

But with Facebook getting more and more saturated with discount ads by the day…

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to know the response to these ads is set to plummet…

While sending CPA arching to the heavens… and putting ROAS on its knees.

What’s more…

People aren’t on Facebook to buy stuff.

They’re on Facebook for entertainment… to discover new things… and to share those discoveries to impress people.

Logic follows that ads offering a Discovery experience…

…where you share a new breakthrough… an emotional story… or go against the grain…

Is more likely to get a response.

So the next step of my diabolical plan was to track down a Zebra ad in the wild.

And I was in luck.

Because a well known direct response supplement company has been running Zebra ads for months.

After snaring one of them, I dissected how it worked…

Reassembled all the key parts…

And then called down lightning to resurrect a new version for myself.

The result?

‘Above Average’ ad quality scores straight out of the gates.

With proof of concept secured…

I created a Google doc explaining how FB is getting saturated with supplement companies making direct offer ads…

How this is sabotaging campaign profitability…

And how to get ‘Above Average’ quality scores with Discovery ads.

I then emailed that bad boy off to supplement companies with gusto.

The response?

I now have a couple of filled Calendly slots with potential clients.

And it gets better…

Because I’ve looked at their ecom pages.

And I have a list of conversion boosting tips ready to dazzle them with on the call.

Because here’s the thing…

Your solution to a client’s problem doesn’t have to be a paradigm shift in how they do business.

It need only be a small strategic flip.

But still enough to jackknife their need for your services.

Not writing FB ads for supplement companies?

Try these profit boosting ideas instead:

  1. The common triggers identified after breaking down 50 high converting weight loss emails
  2. 3 tweaks for getting their emails in the Primary folder (particularly if their emails to you are going in spam). And stats of screenshots of your higher delivery rates.
  3. 3 best types of images to use in emails to boost CTR, and how to find and create them
  4. How to get more sales from their abandoned cart sequence
  5. Breakdown a competitors’ funnel and create a blueprint based on their key conversion boosting tactics

Moral of the story…

Writing free swipes for clients can get you work. Sure it can.

But it’s time-consuming.

And it risks putting you in a weak position when it’s time to negotiate your fee.


When you present clients with an action plan for fixing a leak in their business that can skyrocket profitability…

They FEEL an urgent need to take your call…

And you’ll be negotiating on even terms from a position of mutual benefit…

Rather than cap in hand, feet trembling, hoping they give you a shot.

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