Datacrushers Debuts Email Automation Tool

Datacrushers Debuts Email Automation Tool

by Ray Schultz , February 14, 2018

Datacrushers, the provider of an AI- and machine learning-driven revenue recovery platform, has launched an email marketing automation suite for online retailers.

The service is designed to help clients combine all their ecommerce marketing and revenue discovery features in one platform, states James Oppenheim, CEO of Datacrushers.

The company unveiled the offering at the Innovation Studio Tel-Aviv Launch and Innovation Exchange Conference, hosted by VISA.

Ross claims that “by installing our script on a merchant’s website, the machine learning and AI algorithms identify areas of revenue loss, including cart, search and browse/product abandonment, site-wide revenue-bleed, user, site and product analytics.”

Ecommerce firms can use these capabilities to send personalized newsletters, welcome campaigns, dynamic email triggers and transactional emails and more, he adds.

The suite features a drag-and-drop interface that facilitates quick setting up of email templates, the company says.

Ross also argues that the tool will help “defragment” the ecommerce analytics space.

Founded in 2015, Datacrushers provides revenue recovery and discovery services. Search Marketing Daily