Competing for Time – Management Strategy

July 1, 2016


Today, now more than ever, people are inundated with all kinds of information from audio, television, etc. We have reached a time when there is literally more information than we can possibly consume. Smartphones are contributing to this.

Think about it for a second, do you get annoyed when someone calls you on your phone? How many times do you let the call go to voice mail because you know the person on the other end? Wouldn’t you rather text someone, because you can decide when and how you want to respond back? People are valuing or selfishly putting a value on their time.

When I attend a conference and listen to a keynote speaker, how many people have their smartphone devices out and are trying to listen to the speaker while they check their own email or other sites on their phone. The same can be said at home. How many people watch TV and have their smartphone devices in their hand.

Everyone, every day is making the choice about what type of content they want to read and follow.

What does this mean for businesses?

I am really looking at this topic closely because I feel it really holds the key to how our message will be received in the future. People’s time may be the most important asset of value. (even more than $ $ )

I am looking for ways for people to be in control of the process to be able to start the process of submitting sample paperwork or setting up a new account. In addition, I need to look at other areas like entertainment, news, video, chat and other experiences that may interest our clients.

Over the past few years we have experimented with different online offerings and in 2017 we hope to have a new online service platform for our clients.

Internally, I am evaluating ways to improve our communication of information to better assist our employees. How can I create the best experience for our employees? It used to mean something when companies provided free food, snacks, furniture and other items. Today, people want quicker change and improved processes to make their jobs easier.

How fast do I need to change?

Innovation continues to change at a rapid pace. I see the whole process of competition for time changing quite fast. I believe the companies that will be rockstars in this environment are the ones who are able to evaluate ways to improve processes and get on the radars of their clients.

In my opinion, it is critical for people to work with a sense of urgency and understand that is critical to look at innovation, not as an incremental process, but as a process where a line is drawn and a company starts fresh with a new approach/process.

Today, a new startup can come into a market and takeover. Look at what Netflix did to Blockbuster. Look what Uber is doing to cities and communities. Is my company positioned to adapt quickly to change or would it take a few years? The answer to this question speaks volumes.


The landscape of communication is changing at a rapid pace and it is critical for leaders to see how these changes are impacting our workforce and customers.

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