Chicago Cubs dive into the metaverse with Web3 marketing platform Valence

Fans will get an immersive augmented reality experience in the area around Wrigley Field

The Chicago Cubs, once renowned as the leading-edge in futility, today announced they are moving into the leading-edge of marketing as the first client of new Web3 marketing platform Valence.

The platform will be the basis for metaverse and NFT experiences for Cub fans, bridging the gap between digital and physical. It aims to be a one-stop-shop for Web3 initiatives, including a full-service creative studio, interoperable technology infrastructure, and a proprietary identity layer to engage with audiences, one-to-one, at scale.

“The future of fan engagement means leveraging new technology that empowers fans to engage with their favorite team and other fans in new ways whether in the venue or through a virtual experience,” Tom Ricketts, Cubs’ executive chairman and one of Valence’s seed investors, said in a release. “We believe in the long-term mission of Valence and its approach to Web3 and the metaverse, which will provide the foundation for our next-generation fan engagement strategy.” 

Valence will provide fans of the team which once went 108 years between championships with:

  • One-click NFT minting capabilities, SMS-based wallets to store assets, and the ability to display those assets in virtual galleries, jumbotron, and elsewhere.
  • Physical rewards (store discounts, free drinks, seat upgrades) for game day efforts in-wallet. 
  • An immersive metaverse and AR experience in the area around the team’s beloved ballpark, Wrigley Field.

Why we care. The Cubs have been around for 146 years, making them one of the three oldest MLB teams. They have at times been slow to adopt new ideas. The first night game at Wrigley Field was in August 1988, 53 years after the Cincinnati Reds first tried it. So it is heartening to see them dive into the future and grab on to Web3. Now to see if the team’s besotted fans will follow it into the metaverse.

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