Blogging: Give Your Business a Voice

August 13, 2015

Blogs are all over the internet. There’s entertainment blogs, cooking blogs, technology blogs, cat blogs. If your business doesn’t have a blog, it’s time to get one. Why? Because a well maintained blog will give your business a voice, which builds brand credibility and a connection with the people you’re trying to reach.

Below are 4 main blogging styles and topic suggestions, to help you get started. For an example, I’ll refer to an Italian bakery, we’ll call it Holy Cannoli.

1.Fun Fact
This style is a “did you know?” style of blogging that focuses on a light-hearted topic that is unique to your business.

Holy Cannoli could write a brief history of the Cannoli. Readers would gain a quirky piece of trivia and a sudden craving for cannolis (which I now have as well).

2.How to
This is an informative style that does exactly what it sounds like; teaches the reader how to do something. These blogs are great for business because it gives your company’s name credibility and provides a helpful service for others.

Holy Cannoli could write a recipe on how to make a traditional Italian dish or how to order food in Italian.

This is an informative style that is less specific to your business. This is a chance to explore topics that are trending or that you think your customers would be interested in.

Holy Cannoli could write a series of world cuisine blogs, putting the spotlight on a different country each time.

This blog is a mix between a how to and informative style. But the topic should be one that your business is an expert on. The focus of this blog is to give readers advice or a sneak peak into your line of work.

Holy Cannoli could provide insight about the business of owning and running a restaurant.

A well maintained blog will give your business a voice, brand credibility, and most importantly, a connection with the people you’re trying to reach. Your blogs can be short and to the point, lengthy and detailed, quirky or serious, intellectual or entertaining, or a combination. It just depends on which voice suits your business and blog style the best.

If you think blogging would benefit your business, but don’t have the time or desire to blog yourself, consider hiring a digital media professional to create blogs and manage social media accounts for your business.

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