Become a Better Social Marketer [Infographic]

— April 24, 2017

Thanks to social media, reaching people that are beyond our physical touch is possible these days. And no industry has been better in putting these platforms into use like the marketing industry.

Whether it’s liking their latest status update or tweets or mentioning their name in the comments section of your viral post, social media platforms have enabled marketers to bring customer experience to a whole new level. From Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, social media networks have enabled a lot of big brands and fresh start-ups to interact with their target audience with much greater precision and accurateness, which brings their brand closer – at a more personal level – to consumers.

To sum up, here is the summary from the infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines which discuss the ways you can improve your social marketing skills in 2017. Knowing these tips will not only help you keep updated with the latest approaches in social media, but also reinvent yourself as well to ensure that your brand will get more traction across different social platforms this year and beyond.

  1. Go deep not broad. Choose the most optimal website and develop a deep engagement level with your market there.
  2. Focus on the influencers. Connect with relevant influencers and seek their help in distributing your content to a new audience.
  3. Make your videos more sophisticated. Make your videos short but packed with information or entertainment value.
  4. Optimize your Facebook ads- further. Spending a few dollars to jumpstart your video in the social media world is never a wrong decision.
  5. Grow your audience. Use social media tools to find and follow relevant users on various social media platforms.
  6. Switch up content formats. Instead of sticking to text-based content, try to use other formats such as video and slideshow presentations.
  7. Build relationship. Ask questions, start a discussion and respond to their comments, these are the ways you should not miss when engaging with your followers in social media.
  8. Never forget the law of patience – Getting good results from social media is not going to happen quickly, you need to be patient in what you do and stick to it until you see arrive to your goals and objectives.

To learn more, check out the infographic below:

Become a Better Social Marketer [Infographic]

Embedded from Digital Marketing Philippines.

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