Be a (Webinar) Rockstar!

by Mark Bornstein December 16, 2015
December 16, 2015

Whether you’re the presenter or part of the audience, when a webinar truly rocks, you know you’re part of something special. As a fan of awesome content marketing, I’m always on the lookout for people who are doing something new, different, and better with their webcast events. And (December 18, 2015) I hopped in front of the camera to share the best of the best.

What does it take to deliver one of the best webinars of the year and what actionable tips can you take away from these rocking events? Let’s take a look at these 5 ingredients to a rocking experience:

Give Them Jaw-Dropping Visuals
Want to deliver a bland webinar? Just serve up a vanilla console and slides. But if you want a webinar that really pops, you need great visuals.


In this webinar hosted by color management solution X-Rite, presenter and fine art photographer Brooke Shaden shows us the importance of incorporating color. The console, slides, and even registration page feature compelling, eye-popping photography and provide a cohesive experience for the audience. And she didn’t stop there: the webinar used polls, Q&A, and live screen sharing to keep the audience engaged and entertained the whole way through.

Make Even Technical Subjects Fun
Think detailed, technical subject matter means you have to deliver a dry webinar? Think again.


German IT services and consulting firm T-Systems made their highly technical webinar stylish and cool. Their console design features a bold splash of vibrant color that was echoed across their slides, the registration page, and even the company’s website. The individual slides used bold designs and let the images tell the story, instead of the standard bullet-points-and-clipart. Then also packing in lots of resources, including a contact form, and broke up the content with polls and interactive features inviting the audience to get engaged.

Get Creative With Format
Single-presenter webinars can be great, but as we’ve mentioned before, it’s always exciting to shake up the format.


One of the best webinars of the year came from the IT professional network Spiceworks, who pretty much reinvented the webinar as a serialized TV event. From the studio cold open, to the intro segment, to the video panel discussion, to the on-camera Q&A host, everything in the webinar was carefully crafted to give the event a cool and casual talk-show feel. But by folding in polls, Q&A, and links to additional resources, they were able to make their webinar series far more valuable than a simple recorded show.

Seize Every Opportunity To Make It Interactive
You need good imagery to make a great-looking console and presentation deck. But for a great webinar, you need to take it one step further. The best webinars give the audience opportunities to engage, turning the event into a multi-directional conversation, instead of just a presentation.


As part of their multi-day series on reaching the customer, Prudential delivered an amazing interactive webinar. Jeffrey Rohrs was a highly engaging on-camera host, who used bold, visual slide designs to tell a clear and compelling story. Integrated polls gave the audience a chance to participate in the conversation between segments. Prudential elected to include an idea storming tool in the event, so that when attendees were inspired by the content that could engage right away and submit their great ideas.

Jazz Up Your Corporate Events
While not every company has the AV resources of our final Webinar That Rocked, we can all learn a valuable lesson from it. After all, there’s nothing like a webinar for bringing audio, video, and additional content resources to an audience in a vibrant, interactive environment.


When Spanish-language TV network Univision puts on a webinar, you can be pretty much guaranteed that it’s going to rock. Literally. In this all-access internal event, Univision employees got a sneak preview of the upcoming television series, La Banda. Streaming video let attendees see clips of the actual show, while Q&A and links to download mobile apps deepened the experience with personal engagement.

After hosting Webinars that Rocked for four years, you would think that I would have seen it all by now. But no matter how good this year’s webinars are, I know that next year’s will always be better. If you missed the live broadcast, catch Webinars That Rocked 2015 on-demand and get inspired by all of the great use cases from your peers.

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