8 Meetup Tweaks You Should Know

  • May 20, 2016
    Meetup Tweak# 1: ONE Deadly Mistake People Make on Meetup.

    Leads are the keys to building a successful business on the Internet. This is the reason WHY many people utilize Meetup as a way to build bonded relationships with their audiences. This is especially true since Meetup has over 22.7 Million Users in 180 countries with over 210,000 groups worldwide.

    The questions you need to ask yourself are…

    -> How do you ATTRACT massive clients from a meetup group?
    -> How do you direct traffic from Meetup to your business whether it is online
    or offline?
    -> How do you SEDUCE people to come to your event through Meetup?
    -> How do you motivate more members to go to each event you host on Meetup?

    Before, I told you what you need to do differently. Let me share with you something that you need to know, ok?

    You see…

    As a lot of marketers know the statistics that there are more than 22,700,000 meetup users. — Well, these are “REAL” human beings where you can meet in your local town. Basically, they sign up with Meetup as a way to meet people up locally.

    Unfortunately, the “majority” of the marketers utilize Meetup as a way to spam others instead of doing the right things. This is the reason why they GOT BANNED.

    It also means that IF you try to target everyone in the marketplace, chances are you’re NOT going to be able to build your business with Meetup. What do I mean by that?

    Let’s just say you are in a dating niche, ok?

    As you are one of the aggressive marketers, you told yourself that you want to OWN the whole dating niche industry. What you end up doing is… “You are trying to go against everybody in the industry”.

    How big is a dating Niche? Let’s break them down further, ok?

    -> How to get your ex-boyfriend back.
    -> How to get your ex-girlfriend back.
    -> How to date a hot guy.
    -> How to date a hot girl.
    -> How to maintain your marriage.
    -> How to maintain your relationship.
    -> Well, fill in the blanks. There are way too many sub-niches in the marketplace.

    What I am trying to say is…

    If you try to tap into every market, you end up losing it all. WHY? It is simple. In one sub-niche within a dating niche, you will probably compete with 1,000 marketers.

    Now, if you try to become a dominant player in the WHOLE dating industry, the odds will look like this…. “One Vs. Every marketer in the dating niche”.

    The Result?

    Two Words: BRUTAL FAILURE.

    My point is… “Focus on ONE simple niche”.

    Instead of trying to target everyone, concentrate only on targeting the RIGHT audiences for your industry. It is that simple. 🙂

    Meetup Tweak# 2 Go Deep Within Meetup Marketing.

    As you may have already known by now, it is important that we should concentrate on a sub-niche within an industry. The question is…

    “How Do You Go Deep Within Meetup?”

    Let’s say right now that you decided to tap into a dog niche. As you smarten up, you understand that you need to focus on ONE aspect of the sub-niches. In this case, you chose dog training.

    Instead of just throwing an event where nobody is interested with Meetup Marketing, you need to be specific on who you are trying to target. This allows you to get the right audience in your local area.

    For example: If you are in a dog niche, you need to break each training deeper by mentioning the breed of each dog. In this case, these will be:
    -> Affenpinscher
    -> Afghan Hound
    -> American Foxhound
    -> Beagle-Harrier
    -> Black Russian Terrier
    -> Bolognese
    -> Brazilian Dog
    -> Bull Dog
    -> Chihuahua
    -> Chow Chow
    -> Combai
    -> Dalmatian
    -> English Mastiff
    -> Giant Schnauzer
    -> And too many other names to list.

    What I am trying to say is:

    You need to be specific on which audience you need to focus on. This allows you to get the right audience with Meetup Marketing.

    It is that powerful. 🙂

    Meetup Tweak# 3: Freebie Seekers Vs. Potential Buyers.

    As you go down deeper into tapping the right audiences for your business, your next step is to understand the differences between freebie seekers and potential buyers. Why is this important?

    Two questions you need to ask yourself: (A) Do you want to make more money? (B) Do you prefer to get more traffic?

    Let’s just say that you are about to get married, okay? 🙂

    You and your fiancée search on Google.com for the best dating advice. Well, a lot of marketers are giving some for free anyway. You searched, searched, and searched.

    As the date of your marriage is getting close, you get a lot of pressure from your fiancée. What happens next is that instead of reading free articles from many different websites, you found on Google.com that you should start taking action.

    What I mean by taking actions is… “Spending Money”. If I can say it better, you would have changed from “freebie seeker” to “potential buyer” mode, right?

    Here’s what’s going to happen next…

    Instead of going to Google.com and searching for keywords such as: “Free wedding advice”, you are going to change your search to “Wedding Consultant” or “Wedding Planner”.

    What happens in this case is…

    You are going to spend money to HIRE a FIVE-FIGURE wedding consultant to organize your wedding. Why would I want to bring this up?

    What types of potential customers do you want to add on Meetup? (1) People who come to the event just for free foods. (OR) (2) People who are interested to learn something on a certain niche you are in.

    Of course, you will definitely choose to create the second type of potential clients for sure. That’s exactly what you are going to add to your Meetup contact info.

    Meetup Tweak# 4: Host The Right Event to Your Followers.

    Let’s get down and dirty on this, okay? 🙂

    You see, a lot of people asked me this simple yet hard to answer question. What is it?

    “How Do You Create Professional Meetup Group People Will Want to Participate?”

    Well, there are TWO types of events: (1) Fun & Entertaiment Type of Meetup. (2) Networking Type of Meetup.

    Why is this important? Fun & Entertainment are the key to build a bonded relationship with your audience. This is especially TRUE when you understand that people buy from people they trust. So, it is NOT about your product, but it is from who you are as a person.

    This is the reason why when you host an event on your meetup group, you need to ask yourself these questions:

    (A) Who am I trying to attract? (B) Why do I host this meetup group?

    This allows you to have a clear vision of what you truly want from your group. Indirectly, it will establish you as the leader in your industry. That’s all it takes.

    What I am trying to say is…

    Everything you do with Meetup Group has to focus on ONE purpose. What is it? To establish yourself as the LEADER in ANY niche you choose to target. PERIOD.

    Meetup Tweak# 5: ONE STUPID Mistake Marketers Make With Meetup.

    I am NOT sure if it is appropriate for me to say this, but the truth is…

    “99% of Meetup Organizers Make This ONE Stupid Mistake”

    What is it?

    Four Words: They Forget COOL Pictures.

    Why are pictures so important? Well, COOL pictures mean a lot more than just any pictures. It can tell your audience that your “Meetup” group is a big deal. This will indirectly attract more people want to join your group.

    Basically, it is STRONGER than words. Plus, it allows you to utilize pictures to describe the “success” of your Meetup Group to others. It is that powerful.

    Meetup Tweak# 6: One Strategy to Attract More Meetup Followers.

    On Today’s lesson, I am going to talk about ONE simple strategy to ask people to join the event you host with Meetup Group. — HINT: I wish I didn’t have to share it with you here. However, it is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to get more strong followers to your Meetup Group. 🙂

    What is it?

    Two Words: Ask Questions.

    Questions have been known as a key to ENGAGE conversations with your audience. When you ask questions to other members, you can create a stronger trust among your followers. This allows you to know WHAT they want and HOW to fulfill it to them.

    However, there is ONE key secret you have to understand. What is it? Even though you engage with your audiences, you still need to SHOW that you are the GUY they need to go to for solutions.

    It means that you need to ask questions, but you will also need to be the solution to your questions. This allows you to establish yourself as the KEY FIGURE in your industry. It is that powerful. 🙂

    Meetup Tweak# 7: ONE Tweak to Force People to Recommend You.

    On Today’s lesson, I am going to talk about one SIMPLE tweak you can use to seduce people to recommend you as the go-to guy for solutions in your niche. (I know it is pretty cool!)

    What is it?

    Well, on the previous lesson I mentioned that you need to ASK your audience directly on what they want. However, on this next lesson, you need to add a TWEAK to it by saying…

    “Choose Option #1 or Option #2”.

    Yep, you create multiple choices. Why is this powerful? People LOVE to feel powerful. When you tell them to choose Option #1 or Option #2, it allows them to feel that they are in control of the answer.

    HINT: Of course, you know what the answer will be for sure. However, when you use a multiple choice technique, you will make your audience NOT only want to engage the conversation with you, but you will also LURE them on whether their answer is valid or not.

    This allows your audience to realize that you know the type of events that will attract them to participate. Indirectly, it will help you to become the person your followers go to for the solution. It is that simple.

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