Are You Getting the Right Results From LinkedIn InMail?

  • April 20, 2016
    linkedin-911794_1920How to Effectively Use LinkedIn InMail to Attract More Sales

    If you are like most business owners you’ve probably skipped over several InMail messages on LinkedIn at the start of your day in order to get to the most important matters. In fact, you may have come across a sales pitch like this one:


    The offer may be valid, but the approach will most likely not get a large response, especially when sent out to a group of contacts on LinkedIn. One of the biggest factors in gaining more sales on this growing social network is trusted relationships, especially through LinkedIn groups.

    According to a LinkedIn report, companies that engage with their prospects increase their sales by 50 percent. A professional profile that also includes contact information and social links will also add to your credibility and increase your chances of getting a response.

    If your network is active and involved on social media, and especially on LinkedIn, then you can start the process of communicating with them in a meaningful way. Find out what groups and lists they are most engaged in and start there. By sharing their content and leaving valuable comments you are showing an interest in what they have to offer in addition to their product or service needs.


    Through consistent communication with your connections you don’t need to invest in the premium InMail options, but rather generate interest through meaningful conversations, shares, retweets, and active participation in groups.

    Once you have established a relationship with your network you can begin crafting your LinkedIn InMails. Here are some helpful tips on how to be most successful and attract more leads and sales:

    Start a conversation

    Instead of a run-of-the-mill sales approach your prospects want to know that you are interested in them, and this all begins with your subject line, which is the first thing they will notice. Examples include, “A Mutual Group (name of group) Connection,” “Great Point on Your Article (name of article),” “Referral From (name of trusted source),” and “I Thought You Might Be Interested In (something of value without a sales pitch).” When you share helpful insights, articles, and other information you are opening the door to communication and increasing their level of interest like this example from Nataly Kelly, VP of Marketing at Hubspot:


    Present an attractive CTA

    Once you’ve captured your prospect’s attention it’s important to include the next steps to take. This is a good place to invite them to a meeting, find out more about their needs and business, ect. The point is to move both of you closer toward your goals in a helpful way.

    Choose your contacts carefully

    Not only should you be sending out LinkedIn InMails sparingly, but you should also send them out individually to those who are active on LinkedIn. Check also for the number of connections that they have, the quality of their network, which groups they are involved in, how relevant they are to your business, and whether their profile is professional with up-to-date information.

    Evaluate your profile

    Take a look at your current information to fix any errors, add new information and relevant work or articles, etc. Your headshot should be professional and not outdated with the most current information at the beginning of your profile. LinkedIn gives you the option of a public view, which can be helpful in making your improvements. Here’s a great example from one of my clients, Robert DeLaurentis, owner of Flying Thru Life:


    An InMail message that is simple, and to the point without too much text works best for busy prospects. Always keep in mind that your outreach must first be established by how much of a relationship you have build with each contact. A helpful approach that shows an interest goes a long way, which should always include thanking them for taking the time to read your message.

    A well-planned approach is a great way to use LinkedIn InMail to better connect with your current network and increase your sales. The more relevant the message to both of you the better chances your business will receive a positive response.

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