Amazon Prime Day competitors: Walmart, eBay & more aim to win over online shoppers

A number of e-commerce sites are gearing up to compete with Amazon on its biggest shopping day of the year.

Tomorrow, July 12, marks Amazon Prime Day, a one-day sales event started by Amazon in 2015 to boost its Prime membership numbers. Last year’s event proved to be a huge success, resulting in Amazon’s biggest shopping day of the year.

Now in its second year, many e-commerce sites are aiming to get in on the Prime Day buzz by offering special deals to win over online shoppers.

Walmart, eBay, BestBuy and are all taking aim at Amazon, using language — and promoting deals — to compete directly with Amazon Prime Day offers.

Walmart’s website includes an oversized “Free Shipping” banner at the top of its home page — a perk associated with Amazon’s Prime membership and Prime Day deals.


If you click on Walmart’s “Free Shipping” discount banner, you’re taken to a page with the following “Dare to Compare — Top products — Lower prices” callout box. The small print reads: “At or lower than Amazon prices.”

eBay is gunning for Amazon Prime Day shoppers and Prime members as well, with the words: “Exclusively For Everyone — Always Free Shipping. No membership required,” taking center stage on its home page today.


The “no membership required” is a running theme throughout the Prime Day competition, with Best Buy also sporting “Deals for all. No membership needed,” language on its home page.

bestbuy, a subscription-based online retail site, uses the word “Prime” on its home page promotion, offering shoppers “3 Days of Prime Savings!”


Internet Retailer reports ToysRUs, and Newegg, among others, will also be running deals concurrent with Amazon Prime Day.

Newegg, an online retailer for electronic products, is hosting its “Fantastech” sales event for the second year in a row. A Newegg representative told Internet Retailer that the site’s Fantastech deals are scheduled to run just after midnight on July 12 to coincide with Prime Day.


J.C. Penney and Kohl’s are two more retailers trying to capture a slice of the Amazon Prime Day buzz, both offering sales events concurrent with Prime Day.

J.C. Penney’s “Penny Palooza” sales event is scheduled to last the next 48 hours, giving the retailer a 24-hour head start on Prime Day.

Kohl’s home page today includes a “Monday Beat the Heat” promotion that reads: “Deals today, gone tomorrow,” suggesting its sale may be over before Prime Day even begins.

In an announcement last month, Amazon confirmed this year’s Prime Day would include more than a 100,000 deals, with special deals for Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap device owners.


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