A Newbie’s Guide to A/B Testing [Infographic]

October 19, 2015

For any business operating online, there are many pitfalls and hurdles to get by on a daily basis. When you’re not suffering with overloaded servers, you may find that there’s a bug in your system that’s causing your users to not be able to properly experience your website.

Outside of the technical difficulties of the digital world, there are still things that can go wrong on the business side of your site. Is your landing page effective in converting your visitors into actual customers? And how practical is your website to those customers?

Whilst having a good web layout and a simple design will make your users’ experience enjoyable, there are a number of reasons that can result in losing potential customers. That’s where the process of A/B testing comes into play.

An Introduction to A/B Testing

The latest infographic from VWO, the visual website optimizer service that professionally helps businesses to increase sales and conversion, has looked at just what A/B testing is and how it works for any novice tester out there.

A/B testing is the process where two versions of your website will be available at the same time, with your traffic divided between the two versions. This process would happen when there are things you want to ‘tweak’ about your website. One version of your website would be the current version of your website as it is, whilst the second version would be the version where you have made the change. By doing this, you are able to see how effective the change was to your visitors and whether the changes have a positive effect or not.

According to Marketing Experiments, only 52% of companies that use landing pages actually go through the effort of testing them to see how viewers respond. By testing your website, you can stay one step ahead of your rivals and if your changes have the desired then you’re on the right path to improving your conversion rate as well as having a better understanding of how your business and website works. It’s also worth noting that by testing your website, AdPushUp believes it can increase your conversion rates by up to 300%.

In this digital age, it’s vital to stand out for the right reasons and retain your viewers and customers. With the number of websites and businesses out there, it’s so easy for any potential conversion to go elsewhere if they can’t quickly find what they want.

So, now that you know what A/B testing is and just how crucial it can be to your business and conversions it’s time to find out how to conduct the most effective test and the infographic below shows you just how and what mistakes to avoid.

A Newbies Guide to AB Testing

Source: A Newbie’s Guide to A/B Testing

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