9 Best Practice Tips for Optimizing a Landing Page

by Isabel Stewart November 22, 2015
November 22, 2015

As marketers we focus on the design targeting and optimization of our messages, meaning we can sometimes feel like the next stage is someone else’s job. The chances of a successful conversion however will be greatly reduced if a click is delivered to a poorly created landing page inconsistent with your email.

Many of the key aspects of a good performing email can apply when creating a successful landing page. To highlight this we’ve dissected a top scoring landing page to pull out the techniques being used to get conversions and generate leads.

Take a look at our 9 top tips for optimizing a landing page:

1. Highlight the USP’s

Your email has caught their attention and drawn them in, now it’s time to underline their interest.

2. Outline the benefits

Remember these are not the features but the things that will actually deliver value to the reader.

landing pages 3

3. Keep it relevant

Now your reader is engaged make sure you don’t lose their focus. Everything you say needs direct relevance to – and impact on – helping them make the next step.

4. A picture tells a thousand words

A successful landing page will likely use just one picture to support the topic and have maximum impact on the reader.

5. Prove credibility

They’re 90% sold so a strong testimonial from a relevant organization could be all you need to get that extra 10%.

6. Ease

Focus on a single a single action for the reader and a clear conversion goal for yourself.

landing pages 2

7. Urgency

Techniques from countdown clock to ‘other people are browsing’ can contribute to a final prompt to emphasize the importance of acting now.

8. Signpost progress

A clear CTA on a landing page is even more important than on a website or in an email.

9. Forms

Your chance to ease in to a relationship with your prospects. Forms should be kept simple, asking only for the information needed to generate leads and drive sales.


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