9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

— March 24, 2019

If you want to boost eCommerce sales with the right Facebook campaigns, you’ve come to the right place.

The ideal eCommerce marketing strategy should include cold traffic and remarketing campaigns, and Facebook ads and promotions are a big part of eCommerce success. Cold traffic campaigns are designed to elicit product interest, build your audience of possible shoppers, and outline who you are and what you sell. Your remarketing campaigns retarget aware customers and previous shoppers to build a loyal customer base while converting sales.

A strong, sales-generating Facebook marketing strategy matches the mindset of Facebook users; each ad campaign is very specific to your segmented audience and objective. Additionally, it embraces a variety of campaigns so that you can follow your customer’s journey from beginning to end

And which are the best Facebook campaigns for eCommerce?

We’ve got the answers!

1. Facebook Dynamic Ads

If you haven’t included Facebook Dynamic Ads into your Facebook marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a golden remarketing opportunity. Dynamic Ads are targeted to potential shoppers explicitly based on their behavior history on your store and can be hugely successful.

For example, Brava Fabrics was able to improve ROIs using Dynamic Ads to push products on promotion to customers who had already shown interest in them on the site.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

The trick to turning this eCommerce Facebook campaign into a money-maker (i.e., generating cost-effective conversions) lies in its optimization. Such as:

  • Focusing on your most profitable products and eliminating the duds
  • Monitoring product availability
  • Planning and controlling frequency
  • Optimizing copy and tweaking headlines to keep them fresh
  • Testing and tweaking bid strategies

2. Facebook Collection Ads

Facebook Collection Ads are so useful for eCommerce that we have an entire post dedicated to just how must-have they are. One such Collection success story we mention in this post is eCommerce subscription superstars Dollar Shave Club. This brand saw a 1.5X increase in subscriptions, with each subscription costing them less, from the Collection Ads campaign.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

There’s no denying that Collection Ads can have effective results, primarily if you use them to remarket to previous traffic and/or shoppers. To ensure your Collection Ads are boosting eCommerce sales like they did for Dollar Shave Club, you’ll want to:

  • Create cohesive designs that maintain the authenticity of your brand
  • A/B test Collection Ad variations to find the winning formula and optimize your main image or video for more clicks

3. Video Ads

There is no doubt that Facebook video ads can be highly effective. Last year, Hubspot tested Facebook video vs. image campaigns and found that their video got 20% more clicks than the image. In fact, AdEspresso states that when it comes to video content, Facebook wins in terms of user engagement and that Facebook video content drives more organic traffic.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

The key to creating a good video campaign is creating video content that appeals to your target audience and has a social element. This doesn’t mean you need to hire professionals for every video you create; there are low-budget smartphone videos that are generating millions of views. What is more important here is being able to optimize and scale a Facebook video campaign to bring in more sales. Here’s a how-to guide from Facebook expert Ben Malol to get you started:

4. Domain Ads

Domain Ads, sometimes called Page Post Link Ads, are those ads that send Facebook users directly to your website. These can be used to attract new shoppers, or to remarket site traffic or engaged users by pointing them back a page, your brand or specific product. Like with any Facebook ads, to make these effective you need to tweak, test and optimize. You have very little space (and time) to get your message across and attract your potential shoppers’ attention, so copy and image are crucial.

Here’s an excellent example from personalized gift experts Wonderbly.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

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5. Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger ads can be extremely powerful. Facebook offers a variety of ways advertisers can use Messenger ads: inbox, stories, sponsored messages and Click-to-Messenger ads.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

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There is one case study in particular that proves just how effective Messenger ads can be for businesses. They showed how MobileMonkey achieved their lead generation goal with the help of clever copy, CTAs and engagement. On clicking the ad, users were sent to MobileMonkey’s Facebook Messenger chatbot, which ultimately resulted in the brand being able to reduce their cost per lead by 30X.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

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6. Instant Experience Ads

Formerly known as Canvas Ads, Facebook’s Instant Experiences allow advertisers to create a beautiful, full-screen destination for your ads. These ads are especially resultant if you are trying to create a story with your products or need to relay a lot of product info.

How effective, you may ask. Here are some stats from brands who added Instant Experience Ads:

  • Jeep enjoyed a 37-point lift in ad recall
  • Montana Tourism experienced a 7.5X higher CTR
  • Tilting Point was able to reach 1.3 million potential customers
  • Sephora was able to get a 32% higher return on ad spend

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

7. Lead Ads

If you want to use Facebook to grow your eCommerce mailing list, test a new product, download a manual or guide, sign up for a subscription service, or run a contest, Facebook Lead Ads can be very powerful.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

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The benefits of Lead Ads include customizable instant forms and you’re able to connect your leads to a CRM platform such as MailChimp. In one Facebook case study, Philosophy was able to generate over 9,000 leads from their campaigns. Their goal was to find a seamless way to get product samples into the hands of potential consumers while also increasing conversions.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

8. Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are a great way to highlight a collection of products in one ad. They have a lot of benefits and a good performance track record. Here are some examples of the kind of success big brands are having with this campaign type:

  • The Black Tux had an average increase in purchases, week over week, of 51%

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

  • GameStop saw an increase in incremental return on ad spend

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

  • Apparel brand Christoff reported a 10X return on ad investment

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

Ultimately, Carousel Ads enable you to showcase up to eight products for the price of one. However, your products need to be visually appealing and grab your potential shoppers’ attention quickly.

9. Offer Ads

The last eCommerce sales-boosting campaigns that your brand should be testing are offer ads. Offer ads are customizable and easy to create, ensuring you can quickly generate promotional ads to push product deals.

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

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Need more proof? Swish noted a 4.5X return on ad spend from an offer ad campaign. The key to driving sales with offer ads is to put effort into choosing the perfect freebie/promotion and making the ads visually striking.


The bottom line?

Use multiple campaign types to build a sales funnel!

Not only do you need to test different campaign types for different objectives, but you should be testing ad elements within each campaign. In AdEspresso’s Best Facebook Ad Campaigns in 2018 case study, they showcased TOMS, a brand that has been able to mastermind their sales funnel with strategic Facebook campaigns. They did this in four stages:

1: Video to boost awareness

2: Building their brand store with Canvas Ads and contests

9 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost eCommerce Sales

3: Remarketing carousel campaigns, stories and Instagram ads

4: Dynamic Product Ads

Additionally, by using our unique multi-channel advertising strategy with EnvyStylz.com, we were able to get a 470% increase in sales to help them grow into a multi-million dollar business. You can read more about their case study here.

In short, every brand will need to find their own winning combination. And, don’t forget to integrate Facebook and paid Search marketing strategies.

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