7 Tactics to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate in 2018

By Syed BalkhiFebruary 12th, 2018
7 Tactics to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate in 2018

The most difficult part of building a successful business is generating more sales while also sustaining business growth.

Thankfully, the latest technologies in the marketing industry make this process much easier for almost all types of businesses. Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies that’s been proven effective, especially when growing eCommerce businesses.

80% of online retail professionals say that email is their biggest source of customer acquisition and retention.

Why do businesses heavily invest in email marketing? What are the tactics they use to grow sales and email lists at the same time? Let’s find out.

Implement Onsite Retargeting

Onsite retargeting is a marketing strategy that many online businesses use to target returning customers and visitors. It’s done using browser cookies.

For example, when you visit eBay and add a bunch of items to your shopping cart but leave without checking out those items, you can still come back to the site at a later time to find those items in your shopping cart. This is made possible by onsite retargeting.

You can use that same strategy to boost conversions by combining it with email retargeting. This will allow you to leverage cookies to show custom pop-up messages depending on where your customers are on their sales journey or offer discounts and coupons for previous customers.

The online retailer, BustedTees, managed to get 390% ROI on a single email retargeting campaign by simply showing display ads to returning customers.

Leverage Exit-intent Technology

Exit intent is another effective technology that lets you show exit pop-up messages to your website visitors right before they are about to leave your website.

This enables you to grab the attention of your visitors before they leave and turn them into subscribers or offer them a deal they can’t refuse to convert them into sales.

7 Tactics to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate in 2018

Combine your email retargeting campaigns with exit-intent and you’ll have the ultimate marketing tool at your disposal.

For example, you can create a retargeting campaign to show a pop-up message with a discount offer to a user who tries to leave your website after visiting the pricing page. Who would say NO to saving money?

Create Better Follow-up Emails

Online businesses lose $18 billion worth of sales every year because of shopping cart abandonment. And the main reason for 61% of shopping cart abandons is expensive extra costs.

This is why you need to create better follow up emails to target those abandoning customers. For example, instead of just reminding users of their abandoned cart, you can create a follow-up email and offer free shipping or a voucher to save 10% on their shopping cart.

7 Tactics to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate in 2018

Or, you can follow up your recent customers with a list of recommended items based on their recent purchase to help them find more great products like book recommendations or products that go well together. Amazon does this well for their customers.

Split Test Your Emails

Creating the perfect email campaign is the most important part that will determine how many people open your emails and how well the emails convert.

From crafting the most effective email subject line to optimizing the copy and placing the CTA (call to action), the design of your email has to be simply perfect to convince your subscribers to open them.

You can use the A/B split testing tools provided by your email marketing service to test your email campaigns to figure out which type of emails converts the best for your different audiences.

You can also split test your email pop-up messages to create more effective opt-in forms that convert more website visitors into email subscribers.

Build More Landing Pages

According to reports, only 48% of marketers create a new landing page for their each new marketing campaign. Landing pages are the main foundation of your lead generation process. It’s where you direct your website visitors to learn more about your lead magnets and convert them into subscribers.

Whether you’re offering free eBooks, email courses, case studies, or free trails, you should build a landing page for each new marketing campaign you create.

Landing pages are also a great tool you can use to track and convert leads from your offline marketing campaigns as well.

Optimize CTA’s

Building landing pages is important, but it’s a process that also requires careful attention. For example, in order to achieve the highest conversion rates, you need to place your CTAs (call to action) in the most effective places on the landing page.

You can figure out which areas of your homepage or landing page get noticed the most by visitors using website heatmaps and conducting A/B testing on landing pages.

7 Tactics to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate in 2018

Optimizing the placement of the CTA is only the first step of the process. You also need to find the right colors for the CTA buttons and create the best copy. According to a HubSpot study, simply changing the CTA button color from green to red is enough to increase conversions by 21%.

Ask For Feedback

Often times, the easiest way to figure out how to generate more sales and serve your customers better is to just ask them. A simple survey conducted via an email campaign can help you learn more about your audience than spending thousands of dollars on trying out different advertising campaigns.

Ask your customers how you can improve your website, what kind of things they would like to learn from your blog, what kind of sales and offers they would like to see in the future. And improve your business accordingly.

Over To You

By implementing these strategies to your own business, you’ll be able to grow your sales and revenue even if you don’t have a big marketing budget.

Keep experimenting and look for new ways to grow your email list. It’s the best approach to growing sales and getting more customers.

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