7 Reasons Your Company Should Hire a Website and Blog Copy Editor

A website and blog copy editor can provide tremendous value to your company. Here’s a little more on how…

Your marketing content is an extension of your business and your brand. It should deliver the benefits of your product or service to your audience in an easy-to-understand manner. These can be high expectations.

You may want to keep writing your company’s content internally. It’s understandable. No one knows the industry the way that you do. But sometimes it’s good to get a fresh perspective. It might be time to hire a professional website and blog copy editor. Below are some reasons your company may want to make the leap.

7 Reasons to Hire a Website and Blog Copy Editor

Establish a Company Voice – A professional copy editor can help you to establish a consistent style and voice across multiple platforms. He can make sure your blog reflects your website, brochures, and other marketing collateral that you’ve already published. This is especially important when multiple people are involved with multiple different projects.

Keep it Professional – A website and blog copy editor can help you to keep your message on track and professional at all times. They can help you to stay on message, and write in a way that supports the main point of the piece.

Watch for Spelling and Grammar – He can make sure that your spelling and grammar is accurate, so that your audience won’t be distracted by the wrong use of “its and it’s” or “There, their, and they’re.” When your grammar and spelling are consistently off, you may be undermining your credibility with the audience.

Fresh Perspective – Sometimes the members of your organization may be too close to the problem. A copy editor can bring a fresh perspective to the piece and give you some input on how the message may be received by an outside audience.

Ensure Style Consistency – Sometimes there is no right or wrong way to make a specific reference. But when there are multiple ways to write the same word or phrase, it’s important to select one, and understand

Clarity – You may know what you mean. You’ve expressed the same point dozens of times in meetings, with colleagues, and in other written materials. But the fact that you’ve expressed the same thought before means that you might unintentionally leave a key part out this time. A good copy editor will help you with clarity, and making sure the reader understands exactly what you’re trying to say.

There’s No Other Set of Eyes – It’s really hard to edit your own writing sometimes. If you’ve tried it, you understand that your eyes may just gloss over some of the mistakes, because you know what you meant to say, and that’s the way you interpret it. When there’s no one else available internally, it may be time to hire a website and blog copy editor.

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