6 Online Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

August 4, 2015

Utilizing the internet as a marketing platform is a powerful way to increase awareness about your business and gain a loyal following of customers.

Below are internet marketing tools that are specifically designed for local businesses.

1. Google Business Listing
Link your website to Google Business Listing. This increases the probability that your business will be displayed at the top of search results and will include your website and contact information with the listing.

Build your follower list on Google+ by connecting with people in your area. Post interesting news or events happening in your city, along with a few campaign posts about your products or services.

2. Use Industry-Specific Portals
Listing your business on portals that are designed specifically for your industry type, helps make your business name more accessible.

For example:
For a restaurant owner, try Zomato or Burrp.
For hotel or resort owner, try Booking.com to Tripadvisor

Customers interested in a specific business can easily conduct their searches on these portals and find your business You can also encourage your customers to write reviews for your business on these portals, as many people read these reviews and consider the website reliable.

3. Facebook Ads
Facebook allows you to easily and quickly create an advertisement. All you need to do is prepare a budget, select a photo, and include a message for potential customers in your area.
You can add a “Get Directions” button to lead customers directly to your location from their mobile devices. You can also add a “Call Now” button, which allows your customers to contact you directly from the News Feed.

4. Facebook Events
Post events hosted at your business venue on your Facebook Local Business page. Facebook will display your event to viewers in your area, which is a great way to get your business’ name out there. Hosting regular events will not only increase visibility and word of mouth on Facebook, but it’s also a great way to get your small business engaged with your community.

5.Connect on Twitter
You can network with other local businesses and leads on Twitter. Use Twitter to promote your events and company news.

If you post city news on a regular basis, use the city hashtag (ex. #Orlando) and you can gain Twitter followers in your city.

6. Meetup Group
If you organize regular events at your business place, such as food tastings or hikes, you can create a city-specific Meetup Group for food lovers or adventure lovers. Meetup.com will promote your group to other people from your city, so you’ll get more fans and generate leads.

Internet marketing is a viable form of generating leads. However, having a well-designed and well-maintained website for your business is a critical prerequisite to online marketing. The more attention your business gets, the more people will begin searching your business online. It’s important to ensure that your website is ready to receive heavy traffic, before you start utilizing online marketing tools.

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