5 Words to Use When Pitching a Product to a Buyer

Words are incredibly powerful. They form the foundation of our communication with one another. When used effectively, words can influence people to act in ways that align with your goals. When used ineffectively, they can do the opposite.

When you are pitching your product to a buyer or it’s an experienced sales rep, it’s important to choose your words carefully. With the right ones, you can finally close that sale you’ve been working towards. Below, you’ll find five words you can use when pitching a product to a buyer that will take your proposal up a notch.

1. “You”

You is an incredibly important word to use when speaking with a prospective buyer for your product. However, most people use it incorrectly. Instead of saying ‘I think you would like X, Y, or Z” you should be saying “You would like to have X, Y, or Z”. Note the subtle shift here.

In the first example, you’re speaking from your own perspective. In the second, you’re speaking from the buyer’s. By utilizing the word you in this way, you can appeal to your buyers on a much deeper level than you would be able to while speaking from your own perspective.

2. “Advantage”

Advantage is another word that you should absolutely be using in your pitches. You want to make it clear to the buyer what your product does that sets it apart from others on the market. However, you need to do more than that. You also need to explain to your buyer why they should care about your product’s purpose.

This is where the word “advantage” comes in. Use it to clearly explain to your buyers how the benefits of your product will give them an advantage over their competitors. Clearly stating the advantage you can provide your buyers will dramatically increase the efficacy of your pitches.

3. “Avoid”

Think of “avoid” as the equal opposite of “advantage”. After you tell your buyers how your product can provide them with an advantage, you want to speak to how it can provide them with insurance against potential losses.

For instance, your product may help a company save money on its energy bill. You can state that in clear language with a phrase like, “Product X will help you avoid a larger electricity bill”. These kinds of avoidance-based statements allow you to appeal to buyers in another highly effective way.

4. “Because”

The word “because” is another one that should be used often throughout your pitches. Studies have shown that individuals are more likely to respond positively to a request when they have a better understanding of the reasoning behind that request. You can use that effect to your advantage.

Use the word because to explain the reasoning behind the statements you’re making about your product’s efficacy, the advantages it provides, and the problems it can help companies avoid. Doing so is another way to supercharge your pitches.

5. “Fix”

Ultimately, you should position your product as something that can help a buyer fix a problem they’ve been dealing with. You may need to state this problem explicitly if its one that your buyer may not spend much time thinking about. However, you can still convert the sale in that scenario by using the word fix to explain the unique benefits of your product.

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