5 Ways Your Website Works Harder Than Any Employee

by Jake Stevens February 20, 2016
February 20, 2016

We all know that our websites are one of the main ways that a consumer can find and interact with our business, but are we really aware of how much work our websites do for us? The sad reality is that we probably don’t. Our website’s do a massive amount of work, to put this into perspective imagine a salesman, they’re in a meeting with a potential client but there are also 150 other potential clients that want to find out more about what you can offer. Can the salesman satisfy all the potential client’s at once? No. Can your website? Yes. The comparison is not exactly fair, but it does portray the general idea well. Here are 5 ways that your website works harder than any other employee in your entire business.

  1. The “always working, always selling” aspect – this is a fairly simple and self-explanatory point. Your website is always online for customers and potential customers to visit, so it’s always marketing and promoting your brand to new leads. This makes it hugely beneficial as a marketing tool, a marketing tool that will never let you down.
  2. Your website never costs you more for more business – when an employee gets better at their job role, develops more skills and performs more efficiently there is almost always a pay rise on the way. With a website, getting more visitors costs you nothing, so more traffic just means more returns all around. This is one of the aspects that make websites one of the most effective marketing tools, they can’t ask for a raise and they do not crumple under an increased load.
  3. The message is always the same, so the message is always right – a website never changes its message, and it does not make mistakes like a human can so you can depend on it to deliver a perfect pitch every single time. Not only this, but it can pitch a thousand products to ten thousand people at the same time.
  4. Your website can do things that a person can’t – a website can display a video, a picture, a slideshow, text and audio all at the same time. A salesman or business developer would find it very difficult (to say the least) to provide that amount of information at the same time. You can also gather a mass of testimonials, point traffic towards your social profiles and provide a myriad of back up information and references for any content, which is useful for improving the weight of the information you are providing.
  5. Your website can tell a story in seconds – due to the fact that your website can provide so many different types of media, portray a brand personality and show your core values it is much better at telling a story quickly than any employee is. The fact is, a website lets a consumer get to know your brand quickly. This benefits you because consumers that feel like they know a brand are much more likely to purchase or interact with that brand. It goes towards improving your relationships with consumers, which is one of the most important aspects towards succeeding in any market place.

A website is one of the most effective workflow and sales tools that exist in the current digital space. It’s fast, effective and efficient at selling your products in the way that you want them to be sold to hundreds, if not thousands of people at the time. People get to know your brand values with a website, they get to know your story and that’s a huge ability that many business underestimate. If you have a good website, and optimise it correctly it can be the biggest source of reliable income there is.

Put quite simple, a website can do more than any person, no matter how efficient they are. If your website is failing to provide you with the results that you desire, take a step back and ask yourself why. There are many reasons why a website can be under performing, from a lack of optimization to a simple lack of interest.

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