5 Ways Preparing Now Will Explode Your Online Presence in 2016

by Dorien Morin-van Dam December 11, 2015
December 11, 2015
“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”

I am sure that, like me, you do not want to fail in 2016!
I am confident that, like me, you are willing to work hard, work smart and grow your business in 2016!

Please, tell me I am right on the money.

I am not sure however, how driven you and everyone else is!

Drive is what will keep you moving forward.
Drive will help you do one task at a time, even is the overall project seems too impossible, too difficult or too momentous.
Drive urges you to keep going when you feel defeated, tired, or confused.

How Do You Set Yourself Up for Success?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I am sure you’ve heard that expression before.
In life and in business, not planning sets you up for failure; for unexpected events which can make you or break you!

And no, you can not possibly plan for every possible outcome.

But yes, you can plan for a lot of different scenarios.

Business Success in 2016 Starts with Planning in 2015!


This should not be news to you.

Every year, in the last quarter, you should be planning for the next year, building upon what has worked for you in the previous year, and what has not!

This includes you reviewing your budget, your income, your sales figures, your marketing plan and yes, your online marketing should be included in that!

Do You Want to Explode Your Online Presence in 2016?

I bet you do!

Don’t wait until January 1, 2016 comes around.

You can set yourself up for success by preparing now!

Interested yet?

5 Ways Preparing Now Will Explode Your Online Presence in 2016!

Here Are 5 Ways Preparing Now Will Explode Your Online Presence in 2016!

1. Reconnect with everyone who touched and helped your business in 2015!

Make a list of names first.(think clients, prospects, collaborators, peers, colleagues, freelancers, referral networkers, local business owners, online connections, interview guests, author whose book you read, Facebook Page fans, Twitter connections, etc)

Then do any of the following:

  • Send a ‘thank you’ tweet.
  • Send a holiday message.
  • Send a holiday card.
  • Send a holiday gift.

Or do something more original like:

  • Record a special video message.
  • Create a personalized card.
  • Create a personalized gift.

Look, I am sure you can come up with an even more creative way to thank someone for making a difference in your business. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, just that you do do it!

2. Request testimonials from your current clients.

December is a great month as people are generous and in the giving spirit already!
Ask for a LinkedIn recommendation and/or a written statement of praise which you can add to your website.

3. Create a social media strategic plan for 2016 by looking back on 2015 as to what worked and what didn’t.

Your plan should include:
~ 2015 social media audit
~ competitors analysis
~ 2015 social media profile data
~ new goals to attain
~ content strategy

4. Create a content calendar for 2016.

Your calendar should indicate when you need to create, edit, refine and send/post the following:
~ email newsletters
~ blog articles
~ guest blog articles
~ podcast recordings
~ holiday marketing campaigns
~ Blab shows
~ Periscopes
~ Specific platform posts

Don’t forget to block off your vacations and day off now, so you can plan your for content with plenty of lead time!

5. Refresh all of your social media profiles, with a new (current) picture and updated keywords so you are really ready in 2016 !

This includes refreshing your
~ LinkedIn
~ Instagram
~ Facebook (personal and page)
~ Pinterest
~ YouTube
~ Twitter accounts
and more!

Ready? Set? Go!

What are you waiting for?

I hope you will take the time to get ready for the new year.


Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.

May the spirit of the holiday season fill you with joy!

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