5 Ways LinkedIn Marketing Can Boost App Downloads

  • by Naman Kapur February 16, 2016
    February 16, 2016

    When it comes to Social Media marketing for mobile apps, people prefer Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or even Pinterest, but the platform that is highly underrated and should be used more extensively is LinkedIn. Now, when I say LinkedIn, app developers and marketers often look at me as if they are saying, “LinkedIn? We need downloads and reviews not just another add-me-to-your-network platform!” Well, there’s more to LinkedIn than most of you think.

    The first good news is that not only you can make professional contacts on LinkedIn, but also you can get quality downloads for your app. The second good news is that I will give you enough meat here to chew upon for days and get quality results. LinkedIn is great when it comes to expanding your professional network, connecting with genuine people related to your business, getting wider reach and getting reviews and testimonials. Have you created your company page there, yet? I am sure you have. Let me now share five most important pointers with you to understand my point more clearly:

    LinkedIn app marketing 5 Ways LinkedIn Can Boost Your App Downloads

    1. Build an Image: There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there making apps that are changing the world, how do you plan to stand out in the crowd? You sure have that in mind but how to show it off? Over these years, LinkedIn has changed considerably a lot, there is now a place for a banner in your company profile, and you just got to show your USP in such a way that it stays ahead of most of the monotonous pages out there. Other than standing out, you have to stay active and keep making regular updates about your app and say…your customers’ reviews and everything that you think will do justice to your app as a brand.
    2. Keywords Expertise: You have your app and you have a LinkedIn page, now how do you expect people to find you? You need to incorporate those words that your competition is using as well as words that your prospects might use. Include these keywords in all the descriptions you use anywhere such as in your LinkedIn page info, app release, etc. This will give a tremendous boost in search results and organic traffic and that would drive your downloads automatically.
    3. LinkedIn Groups: If you haven’t already, start joining all the groups related to your app and start following people who are regular posters and influencers in that group. You may even get chances to comment upon few posts and show off your app’s expertise. Keep doing this and your new connections and app awareness will take off like anything. Be sure not to do just self-promotion there as people will tag you as a spammer and the doors to your app promotion will get closed forever. The best part about these groups is that while creating your ad you can even add a filter that will allow the ad to be reached only to people part of the groups you mention. There, you go! Highly customizable it is.
    4. Do Business, Socially: Your app is how you intend to do business and LinkedIn is where you socialize with professionals so why not mix them together while you are here? Connect with as many influencers as you can and build a professional relationship. Then you can talk about their product on your personal page and they will return the favor by mentioning about your app. LinkedIn is full of industry insiders, CMOs, CTOs, CEOs, et al, be smart and keep the objective in mind before attempting to connect with them. Word of caution: if you keep sending invites to random people, LinkedIn will limit your invitations and your chances of making quality contacts will become highly diminished.
    5. Inbound Linking: Now that you are able to attract customers to your page and are able to hold on to conversations with the important people, influencers, experts and group members, it is time to add a download link of your app from time to time in your postings and comments. You need not waste any opportunity that gives you a chance to increase downloads. And remember, one favorable review of your app from any influencer on LinkedIn is equal to many garden-variety reviews found on playstore/appstore.

    While you plan out your app marketing on LinkedIn, among other places, might I suggest you to integrate analytical and marketing automation tools in your app’s first release so that you are able to track all the installs, origin of install and analyze all the activities? Smarter way would be to just do it without any further thoughts.

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