5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Local Business Blog

— September 5, 2019

Bl?gg?ng ?? ?t?ll ?n? ?f th? b??t w??? t? dr?v? traffic t? ??ur w?b??t? ?nd ?ttr??t n?w clients, customers, or patients.

But ?r? you m?k?ng the most ?f ??ur l???l bu??n??? bl?g?

Maybe not.

If ??u’r? n?t, th? b?g qu??t??n ?? wh?t ?h?uld ??u b? doing?

Th? ?n?w?r starts w?th numb?r? ?nd ?nd? with specific ?dv???.

S?, let’s dig ?nt? the 5 tips below ??u ??n u?? t? ?ut your bl?g to w?rk f?r ??u.

5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Local Business Blog

Bl?gg?ng b? th? Numb?r?

A m????v? ?tud? ?f bl?gg?ng, wh??h r?v??w?d 912 m?ll??n bl?g ???t?, r?v??l?d ??m? h?l?ful information th?t can help you improve th? performance ?f ??ur bu??n??? bl?g.

H?r? ?r? ??m? of ?t? key findings.


B??kl?nk? ?r? ?t?ll one of the m??t ?m??rt?nt r?nk?ng f??t?r? for G??gl?.

Th? bl?gg?ng ?tud? f?und th?t l?ng-f?rm ??nt?nt g?t? 77.2% more links than ?h?rt-f?rm content.

That’s a huge d?ff?r?n??, but ?t also has its l?m?t?.

Th? ?tud? also found th?t th?r? w?? a ?h?r? dr??-?ff in l?nk? once a ???t crept ?v?r 2,000 words.

But, that ???d, 94% ?f ?ll the ???t? analyzed h?d no b??kl?nk? ?t ?ll.

It’? also worth noting that ??m? ???t f?rm?t? ?nd t?tl?? g?t m?r? b??kl?nk? than others.

The three most ???ul?r ???t t???? f?r b??kl?nk? w?r?:

  • “Wh?t” ???t?
  • “Why” ???t?
  • Inf?gr??h???

Those thr?? f?rm?t? got 25.8% more backlinks than “h?w-t?” ?nd v?d?? ???t?.

S????l Sh?r?ng

Y?u might th?nk th?t blogging ??n help ??u ?ut on ?????l media, but the numbers don’t b??r th?t ?ut.

F?r example, th?r?’? n? correlation between social ?h?r?ng ?nd backlinks.

It’s ?l?? interesting t? note v?r? f?w bl?g ???t? ??rf?rm w?ll on ?????l m?d??.

The ?tud? f?und that 1.3% ?f “??w?r” ???t? g?n?r?t? 75% of all ?????l shares.

There w?r? ??m? ?????f?? f?nd?ng? about th? length of h??dl?n?? (l?ng?r headlines g?t m?r? shares) ?nd questions (bl?g posts w?th qu??t??n? ?n th? h??dl?n? get more ?h?r?? th?n th??? without questions.)

L??t posts ?r? m?r? l?k?l? to b? ?h?r?d than ?th?r posts, too – and by a ??gn?f???nt amount.

Th?? get 218% m?r? shares than “h?w-t?” ???t? and 203% m?r? shares th?n ?nf?gr??h???.

Th? so-called ‘?w??t spot” f?r g?tt?ng your bl?g content ?h?r?d ?n ?????l m?d?? ?? b?tw??n 1,000 ?nd 2,000 w?rd?.

One f?n?l statistic t? inspire ??u: ?n? study f?und blogging can ?m?r?v? your chances ?f g?tt?ng a high r?nk ?n G??gl? b? ?? much ?? 434%.

H?w’? th?t for ?n ?m?r????v? number?

Tips t? Im?r?v? Y?ur L???l Bu??n??? Blog

Th? data fr?m th?t ?tud? ?? useful because it ??n ?r?v?d? ??u w?th a fr?m?w?rk t? improve ??ur bu??n??? bl?g.

Of course, th?r?’? more t? w?rr? ?b?ut than backlinks ?nd ?????l m?d??, but other b?t? of d?t? from th? study point in a direction th?t may b? u??ful.

W?th th?t ?n mind, h?r? ?r? 5 tips t? ?m?r?v? ??ur blog.

#1: Cr??t? (?nd St??k t?) a Bl?gg?ng Schedule

Th? f?r?t t?? ?? t? bl?g r?gul?rl? ?nd ?t??k t? a schedule.

Th?r?’? some ?v?d?n?? t? ?ugg??t bl?gg?ng 1-4 times amonth ?? ??t?m?l.

Y?u m?? f?nd is creating a bl?gg?ng ??h?dul? w?ll h?l? ??u be more d?????l?n?d ?b?ut ??m?ng u? w?th blog ?d??? ?nd g?tt?ng th??? posts wr?tt?n.

And r?m?mb?r, ??u ??n ?lw??? h?r? a wr?t?r t? ?r??t? bl?g ???t? for ??u ?f ??u d?n’t h?v? the time ?r ?n?l?n?t??n t? d? th?t much writing.

#2: Give Your Posts Compelling Titles

It turn? ?ut titles m?k? a big d?ff?r?n?? wh?n ?t ??m?? t? g?n?r?t?ng tr?ff??, ?????l shares, ?nd backlinks.

Here are ??m? ???nt?r?:

  • List posts t?nd t? perform better than ?th?r t???? ?f content on ?????l media. That’s ??rt of the r????n sites l?k? Buzzf??d h?v? ?? m?n? lists. People l?k? th?m ?nd you can u?? th?t knowledge to grab more traffic f?r ??ur ??t?.
  • Give ??ur posts l?ng-??h t?tl??. On? ?tud? f?und blog ???t? w?th t?tl?? which h?d b?tw??n 6 ?nd 13 w?rd? ??rf?rm?d th? b??t.
  • Ask a question. Th?t big bl?gg?ng ?tud? f?und bl?g titles which ??k?d qu??t??n? got 23.3% m?r? social ?h?r?? th?n ???t? w?th?ut a question.
  • Be provocative. S???ng something ?ur?r???ng ?r ??ntr?v?r???l ??n get people t? click even ?f th??’r? n?t ?n?l?n?d to read bl?g ???t?. There’s a reason they say ?ur????t? killed th? ??t!

A r??? b? any ?th?r n?m? might ?m?ll ?? ?w??t, but wh?n ?t ??m?? to bl?gg?ng, names m?tt?r!

N??d ?d???? Ch??k ?ut HubS??t’? bl?g topic g?n?r?t?r or Inbound Now’s ?d?? g?n?r?t?r.

#3: Ch??k Y?ur Word C?unt

E?rl??r, w? mentioned that th? “?w??t spot” f?r blog l?ngth is b?tw??n 1,000 ?nd 2,000 words, w?th longer ???t? g?tt?ng more engagement, b??kl?nk?, and sharing th?n shorter ???t?.

D??? that mean ?v?r? ???t ??u wr?t? mu?t be l?ng?

Of ??ur?? not!

But, ?f you’re ?n the habit of ?r?nk?ng out 300-500 word blog posts, ?t ??n h?l? ??u to wr?t? a l?ng post ???????n?ll?.

It m?ght turn ?nt? one of th??? ??-??ll?d ??w?r ???t? which generates tr?ff?? ?n social m?d?? ?nd G??gl?.

#4: Add Compelling Images

Th?? m?ght ???m l?k? a n?-br??n?r, but it’s ?ur?r???ng h?w m?n? bu??n????? d?n’t bother ?dd?ng ?m?g?? to th??r blog ???t?.

Th?r?’? r????r?h ?h?wing people retain f?r more ?nf?rm?t??n wh?n it’s presented with a v??u?l aid th?n th?? do w?th?ut visuals.

PRO TIP: Pixabay.com ?nd P?x?l?.??m ?r? b?th gr??t n? cost options

#5: Add S????l Sharing Butt?n? and Widgets

People ?r? f?r m?r? likely t? ?h?r? ??ur bl?g ???t? ?f ??u m?k? it easy for them t? d? ?t.

Th?t’? why ?t’? a g??d ?d?? to ?dd ?????l ?h?r?ng butt?n? t? your ???t?.

B? smart about ?t, th?ugh.

If you ?ff?r a full m?nu ?f social ?h?r?ng butt?n?, ??u m?? f?nd th?t ?t h?? th? opposite ?ff??t to the ?n? ??u w?nt.

Where’s your social m?d?? ?ud??n???

If th??’r? mostly ?n Tw?tt?r, put a Tw?tt?r butt?n ?nd use the “Tweet this” w?dg?t t? ?ll?w people t? ?h?r? k?? quotes fr?m your bl?g.

If ??u’r? marketing bu??n???-t?-bu??n???, ?ut a L?nk?dIn butt?n ?n ??ur blog.

The good n?w? h?r? is th?t ?t’? not hard to ?m?r?v? ??ur business blog.

It’s mostly ?b?ut being ?w?r? of wh?t th? numbers ??? and figuring ?ut a bl?gg?ng schedule ?nd ?tr?t?g? that’ll w?rk f?r ??u.

If ??u do that, the ?l??k?, shares, ?nd l?nk? will f?ll?w.

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