5 ECommerce SEO Mistakes To Avoid

May 7, 2015

Marketing teams constantly face the challenge of making their eCommerce websites jump out at people without simultaneously causing them to run in the other direction. This is an especially difficult task in the ever-changing world of Google rankings. Fortunately, an experienced eCommerce web design company knows this territory better than anyone. And, luckily for you, we want to share the errors that are so easy to make when working on eCommerce website development so you don’t fall victim to them.

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1. Where is that product description?
You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, Google does not think so, at least in its rankings system. If your products do not have a solid text description, your search engine traffic will suffer. But don’t panic and throw in low quality product descriptions just for the sake of having them. Make sure product descriptions include unique content that is relevant to your eCommerce website.

 2. Generic titles
Web designers know better than to use many duplicated title tags, and yet they seem to fall into eCommerce sites all the time. We know it is hard to come up with many unique title tags when selling lots of similar items, but make it a priority.

3. Failing to give customers a voice
Product reviews are one of the best things you can do for your rankings and sales. Approximately 70% of buyers want to read about what other people think of the product, and Google rewards review pages more than selling ones. So use a tool to feature reviews and help your rankings soar.

4. Not integrated with social media
If you are active on social media, with quality and consistent posting, you get big kudos. But don’t let those efforts go to waste by forgetting to include social media links on your eCommerce website. Shoppers are looking for these buttons and what they find on the other end can have a big impact on what they decide to purchase.

 5. Duplicate content 
This is a big source of Google penalties and can show up in many ways that you might forget to check. From printable pages to tags, make sure your content is not repetitive.

Unfortunately, due to the very complex and dynamic world wide web, the list of SEO and social media mistakes of eCommerce websites could go on and on. This might make you want to shy away from the task all together, but every company knows that this is not an option because their success hinges on great SEO and social media plans. Luckily, we can help you find all the benefits you are looking for from your web design without falling prey to costly SEO mistakes.

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