4 Things You Didn’t Know About Internal Operations and Infographics

— December 19, 2016

Internal Operations and Infographics Go Hand-in-Hand

You know those really boring internal emails you get? Or the packets of budget information you have to print off, hand out, and then never read at the end of your fiscal year? What if you could cut out the middleman (the printer, your email, that pointless meeting) while still relaying necessary information to your entire organization? It is possible… with infographics.

While infographics have really only been popular within the last four or so years, they have grown exponentially in that time. We see infographics for everything, from blog images to advertising to data analysis. But while most companies can see the value in creating infographics to be consumed by their clients, customers, or audience, they have a hard time seeing the benefits that infographics can have on the inner workings of their company.

Consider this: by spending a little time designing infographics for internal use, your company could:

1. Go digital – there is no need to print off JPEGs!

Better yet, there’s no need to have a meeting; you can email the infographics to everyone!


2. Increase executive and employee understanding of a specific subject


3. Make it easier to update information monthly, quarterly, yearly with templates


All you have to do is find your previous templates in Easel.ly’s Creation Tool and update the information! No reason to create unique images every time you need to share information.

4. Create multi-use visuals that can be used for:

Training your employees:


To generate summaries and analysis:


Investor materials:


… and finally, you can also use any and all of the above for consumer content! This can include email infographics, webinar infographics, social media marketing, and more! Infographics are versatile and engaging for anyone, whether an employee of a customer – that’s why they’re so great.

BONUS: When you start using infographics for internal purposes, you also stop boring your employees to death!

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Author: Latasha Doyle

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