4 Simple Steps to Starting a Blog in the Next 10 Minutes [Infographic]

— April 2, 2017

Blogging is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get online with a website of your own. Thanks to the power of WordPress, there is no longer any need for programming, graphic or web design skills. All you need to do is grab a domain, setup hosting, install WordPress and you are ready to go!

Today we are going to take a look at a simple 4-step process for going live with a new blog of your own in the next few minutes. Special thanks to Blogging Tips for the creation of this infographic and sharing it with users who are looking to start blogging on their own.

4 Simple Steps to Starting a Blog in the Next 10 Minutes

1 – Register a Domain Name for Your Site

Every website or blog needs to have a domain name. This is basically your website’s home address and how other people will access it from around the world. When choosing a domain name, try to pick something unique and creative, but also something easy to remember as well. For best results, stick with a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain address.

2 – Setup Web Hosting for Your Site

In addition to a domain name, every website needs to have web hosting. This is how your site content is stored and accessed on the internet. Your domain name will also point to your web hosting account, which makes everything connect together and accessible through the internet. A ‘shared’ hosting plan is usually more than enough for anyone starting a new website or blog, and costs are often under $ 10 a month.

3 – Install WordPress on Your Server

Before going live with your new site, you will need to install WordPress on your service. The good news is that this free software is now included with most web hosting providers and if it isn’t already pre-installed, then you might just have to click a few buttons to complete the process.

4 – Go Live with Your First Blog Post

WordPress is extremely easy to use and you will never have to touch a line of code when creating content for your site. You can also choose a new WordPress theme to change the look and feel for your site as well. There are many customizations you can make within WordPress, but being doing any of that, you should focus on your site content and going live with your first blog post.

Starting a blog is extremely fun and easy. Follow these four simple steps to go live with a website or blog of your own today. Also be sure to check out BloggingTips.com for more resources and users guides on how to start a successful blog.

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