4 Reasons Why SEO is the Immune System of Your Digital Strategy

— October 2, 2018

4 Reasons Why SEO is the Immune System of Your Digital Strategy

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Search engine optimisation is the immune system of your digital body. You may not really understand how it works, but it is there to regulate your website’s health. In such a saturated marketplace, search engine optimisation makes sense, but most people don’t understand the benefits of search engine optimisation.

Looking through a few definitions; this article has one of the most succinct definitions I could find: “Search engine optimisation is a combination of activities that help search engines find and trust you, organise the information you’re publishing, and present it to users searching for it.” In saying that, search engine optimisation is working towards an ongoing long-term goal, which will be beneficial over time.

So how can the actions of search engine optimisation benefit you?

1. Increase website traffic

You are able to strategies volume to your website. Traffic is aligned with your service or product to ensure you gain the right traffic.

2. Generate new leads and customers

Search engine optimisation done well has the ability to penetrate into the right area through tools such as Google Maps. You will generate new leads for your business with back-link and referral strategies.

3. Build brand awareness

Having your brand on top for relevant keywords and desirable actions can reap in rewards. Not only will it drive website traffic, but it will have your brand on top of mind for the service or product 24 hours a day. Placing your business top of mind.

4. Influences the buying cycle

Potential customers are generally segmented into awareness, consideration and conversion stage. You can target them during their lifecycle and influence their decision-making process.

One great take away is the difference between search engine optimisation specialist and a web developer. Your web-developer can maintain, develop and assist with your domain and hosting, but they aren’t responsible for the architecture, content, links and gaining organic traction for your website on search engines such as Google and Bing.

As you can tell by now, search engine optimisation is the glue between your website and the Internet. The main industry pain point of search engine optimisation is the fact you’re investing in someone’s time to build you up to achieve these goals, however, no one can promise these results. The painful fact remains, no one but Google knows the algorithm, which changes multiple times during the year.

Simply, businesses may not know the importance of search engine optimisation. It pains me to see when companies loss 30 – 40% of their organic traffic due to a site migration because their web developer rebuilt the site with no assistance from technical search engine optimisation. In business terms, this reduction in traffic on your website could have attributed to 5% of revenue.


Search engine optimisation equates in financial return. If you want your website to have a fighting chance, investing in the immune system of your digital strategy that being search engine optimisation makes it simple; you need a conversion rate optimised website, to begin with. The fact remains, the positive repercussions of search engine optimisation definitely outweigh the cost with a good strategy and field specialist.

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