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From automating marketing emails to automating your Facebook and Twitter posts, marketing automation offers businesses of all shapes and sizes many different benefits. From eliminating tedious and often repetitive tasks, to ensuring efficiency is optimised in every aspect of work that is carried out. Marketing automation can save any business precious time and money. Better than that, if used creatively and effectively it can improve business relations and improve user experience. This blog will demonstrate 5 creative uses of marketing automation and how you could tailor them to fit with your business.

1. Algorithmically Suggest Other Posts

So you have driven traffic to your blog – fantastic! But how do you prevent your audience from reading your latest blog article and then clicking away? 

Put in place a piece of automated marketing to suggest your readers other blog posts they may be interested in.

This style of marketing is most commonly seen on e-commerce websites, where automated systems are put in place to recommend products to consumers based on their buying and search history.

The benefits this style of automated marketing brings to your business ranges from driving traffic back to your website, guaranteeing repeat visitors to your blog and boosting subscriber engagement.

2. Predict Your Customers’ Needs

With the explosion of the Internet of Things and objects becoming increasingly controlled by the internet, the ability to improve and personalize the customer journey is something that more and more businesses are working towards.

Using automated marketing is a creative way of ensuring your business is able to predict what your customer may want, before they are even aware themselves.

An example of how this could be achieved would be using your in-house CRM system to chart the products/services customers have purchased from you then look to see what other customers who purchased the same products have also purchased.

3. Personalize Your Automated Emails

This is an extremely simple way of using automated marketing, although from a client or customer who is receiving the email, it is an extremely creative way of ensuring the service you provide your customers with is personal – even when it isn’t!

Being creative with your automated marketing does not always mean thinking of the most outlandish ideas and campaigns; often the most simple changes or ideas can be the most effective. Sending personalised emails with blog posts or articles your customer’s may be interested on based on their previous choices is an extremely effective way of boosting engagement. It dramatically increases the chance of the user clicking through.

4. Scoring Or Marking Your Repeat Customers To Find Out Which Are The Most Lucrative

Finally, another creative way of using automated marketing to boost business is to locate where you should be spending most of your time. Time is something that many people classify as free, however, in the world of business, time is something that is extremely precious and can often be quite costly. Therefore, by using automated marketing to analyse which customers are providing you with the most business, allows you to quickly see which of your customers you should be spending the most time on!

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Jonny Ross specialises in Social & Digital Marketing and Organic Search. He has a proven track record in the retail e-commerce field and now specialises in providing and enhancing social and digital services in the B2B and B2C sectors.

4 Creative Uses of Marketing Automation
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