6 Ways to Cozy Up to New Customers After Small Business Saturday

— November 30, 2016

6 Ways to Cozy Up to New Customers After Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to harvest a new crop of customers. Your in-store event or special offers pulled them in, but now what?

Here are six tips to keep the momentum going with your Small Business Saturday customers so they keep buying from you all year.

1. Create a Special Offer for Repeat Visits

Once a customer does business with you on or around Small Business Saturday, give them a special offer that encourages them to come back as a repeat buyer. I recently visited a new local eatery that gave me a coupon code for a BOGO meal if I returned in the next week with my receipt. Tell customers that if they bring in their receipt within the next week or two, they’ll receive a special percentage off their purchase. This is a great way to encourage repeat visits.

2. Capture Their Contact Information for Lead Nurturing

If you’re able to capture your new customers’ contact information, like their names and email addresses, you can begin nurturing them through a series of emails that may contain information about your business, upcoming events, and special offers. Even though they’ve moved from a lead to a customer, staying in constant contact can keep you top-of-mind.

3. Engage with Them on Social Media

Encourage new customers to like and follow you on social media so you can engage with them online and become part of their online community. Social media is a great place to share information about your business, answer customer questions, and advertise your specials either on your page or through Facebook advertising.

4. Hold a Follow Up In-Store Event

Events are a great way to bring people back to your business. You can hold an in-store customer appreciation event to thank all your Small Business Saturday shoppers for their support.

5. Ask Them About Their Experience

Asking customers about their experience via email or social media can help you gather candid feedback about your business and remind customers about you. If they’re reminded about their positive Small Business Saturday experience, they may be more likely to visit your business again.

6. Hold a Social Media Contest

Contests are a fun way to build up your online community and can help you keep the momentum going after Small Business Saturday. Ask customers to post a picture of them at your location to their social media pages and tag you – the person with the most likes on their picture wins! Or, ask customers to share what they’re most thankful for this holiday season and tag you. This not only encourages them to either return to your business to snap a picture or engage with you online, but also helps them spread the word about your business to their online community.

What are some ways you keep the momentum going with new customers, either after Small Business Saturday or all year? Let us know in the comments!

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