3 Ways to Get Your Business On Track After Summer Break

— August 30, 2017

3 Ways to Get Your Business On Track After Summer Break

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In the last few weeks, you may have noticed a lull in business. Client projects likely got stalled while people were traveling and you probably decided to take a break.

Well, the kids are back in school and playtime is over. Now you may be wondering how to get your business on track after a few weeks of relaxation. While things may seem overwhelming right now, there are some things you can do to easily get back in the swing of things.

Hit up that coworking space you forgot about.

If you decided to take a break during the slower season, chances are you stopped going to your coworking space.

I personally find that returning to my co-working space after a break helps me get my business on track much faster than if I continue working from home. The reality is everyone there is trying to get their hustle back on, and that kind of energy can be helpful in getting you motivated again.

If you don’t have a coworking space, now may be the time to consider joining one. There are several advantages that come with a coworking space membership. Some of these advantages include networking, events and endless coffee.

Start small.

It can feel overwhelming to get your business on track after a summer lull, which is why I recommend starting small.

For example, in my business, that looks like planning out my blog and product promotions for the coming months. With Fall upon us and the holiday season around the corner, I already know I need to do this. Neither of these take a lot of time or effort on my part, so I start getting my business on track by planning out the smaller things that are to come.

Another example is getting some podcast episodes recorded ahead of time. Again, this doesn’t take a ton of effort on my part. In fact, it’s a lot of fun because I feel like I’m just having a conversation. By recording the episodes, I feel like I actually got something done.

Getting the smaller things out of the way gives me the necessary momentum to tackle the bigger projects, like pitches, articles for clients and sales for my group coaching program.

Take advantage of delegating.

If you have a team that you work with remember to use their services. This can come especially handy when you’re trying to get your business on track. Simply put, it allows you to get stuff off your plate so you can focus on what matters.

For example, my business manager handles blog posts and delegating to contractors so I always have content coming out. She also handles loading all the promotional emails, invoicing and follow-ups with prospective clients.

Final Thoughts

While getting your business on track after a break can feel like climbing Mt. Everest, it’s not impossible. Use some of these tips to help you get focused without going insane.

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