3 Ways to Boost Sales with Social Proof Marketing

— February 8, 2019

When we see people we know or admire purchasing products or trying out certain restaurants, something tells us we have to try out these experiences too. Other people have enjoyed it and it worked for them, so why can’t we do that too?

If there’s any way for marketers to convince customers to buy, social proof is the way to go. This is a social and psychological phenomenon where people recommend the products and services they’ve tried and, as a result, users who see this get interested in that product too.

According to Think With Google, 40 percent of millennials say their favorite creator understands them better than their friends. Consumers have adapted to trusting what others say while seeing other people buying and loving products because it gives them the reason to trust what they’re purchasing.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your sales using social proof, here are three to get you started.

1. Customer reviews and client testimonials

It doesn’t seem to matter whether reviews and customer testimonials come from someone you know as Nielsen reports that 92 percent of visitors will trust a recommendation from a colleague or friend while 70 percent will trust a recommendation from a complete stranger.

Brands often showcase client testimonials on their website as social proof that their business is legitimate and brings positive results to its customers. Customers also like to use social media to express their opinions. When visitors see this, it shows they can trust the business enough to make a purchase and not feel uncomfortable about it.

3 Ways to Boost Sales with Social Proof Marketing

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Enable customer reviews of your products and don’t try to hide any negative feedback as this will only hurt you. It’s actually a good thing to showcase negative reviews because it shows lack of bias and earns you credibility. The Journal of Consumer Research found that, if worded politely, customer complaints have the ability to encourage other consumers to still make a purchase.

2. Business logos

It’s important to showcase how brands benefit from your business in order to bump up your credibility. If there are popular websites that are using your products and enjoying them, put their logo on your website showing they’re loyal, happy customers.

By showing viewers that the big guys support you, it lets them know that they’re safe if they decide to do the same. When visitors see brand logos on your site that they’re familiar with, it tells them you’re a company they can trust that will bring them effective results.

3 Ways to Boost Sales with Social Proof Marketing

Most businesses display client logos on their homepage where new visitors can see it and associate it with positive outcomes. Try to place your collection of logos above the fold as Nielsen finds that users spend about 57 percent of their time on a web page browsing above the fold.

3. Influencer endorsements

Influencer marketing uses well-known people on social media and those with a large following to promote brands and products in return for money. Think about it: if someone with a ton of influence tells you to buy a product because they love it, why wouldn’t you feel encouraged to buy it too?

A poll by Tomoson found that businesses are making $ 6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. The potential revenue you could rake in from this method is outstanding as there’s a lot of power in influencers telling their audience to check out a new product or business.

3 Ways to Boost Sales with Social Proof Marketing

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Research by eMarketer found that 48 percent of marketers plan to boost their influencer marketing budget in the near future as they see the value it brings to their business. With platforms like Instagram continuing to rise, social media users now more than ever depend on the opinions and reviews of the influencers they follow to make buying decisions.

What’s next

Social proof marketing has proven to be super effective to boost sales and attract new customers. It uses the pre-existing relationship between well-known influencers and their audience to convert them to paying customers. Remember that reviews and testimonials are a great way to show that you’re trusted by real people out there. Business logos tell visitors that you’re the real deal because they chose you over your competitors. How will you use social proof marketing to boost sales this year?

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