3 Uncommon Ways to Leverage Facebook to Help Grow Your Business

— December 17, 2016

Facebook has many integrated and valuable tools that we don’t come close to leveraging for our business. The popular forms of using Facebook are popular for a reason: it’s how Facebook makes money.

Every time you use Facebook, whether personally or as your business, they are collecting data on you. This data is primarily used to better improve their advertising platform, boosting returns for the company and businesses that advertise on Facebook.

As a business, whenever you post on your Facebook page, you are encouraged to boost the post. Before the rise of Facebook’s advertising platform, business pages had a very strong organic reach. Now, when you post on your page, chances are less than three percent of the people who like your page will see your post. That is where their utilization of the boost post advertisement feature comes in.

Since Facebook has become smarter with the way it allows businesses to use their platform, it’s time you become smarter as well. Though you can generate incredible returns using Facebook ads, there are still plenty of ways to beat the system.

If you’re a business who is looking to leverage Facebook to grow, see our uncommon growth hacks below:

Utilize Facebook Live

Since today’s culture craves authenticity, live video is your best friend. Gone are the days where the most popular videos are the ones where everything is perfect, the quality is flawless and everyone is wearing a suit. Those still have there place, but today more often then not, they are almost viewed as fake. People want the real, the raw and the authentic. This means you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy corporate video for your product launch. Just live stream it!

You may be thinking that you don’t have anything interesting to live stream. Trust me, you do. Live streaming can involve anything from office shenanigans to employee birthday parties. As an example, Drunk Mode, a mobile app that enables people to stay safe on a night out, often has employees video themselves working on new features. To take it a step further, engage your audience in the process by responding and asking their opinions when they comment or ask questions on your live stream.

Share Viral Content

Not many people know this but Facebook ranks your posts based on engagement. This means the more people who interact with your post, the more Facebook will show it. Since the average business page only sees an engagement percentage of three, when you post viral content that gets a lot of attention, your business page engagement rises dramatically.

Viral content can include interesting articles, funny photos, or creative videos. Baarb, a travel platform that uses artificial intelligence to tailor a user’s booking experience, has a Facebook page full of viral content. On their page you will see photos of gorgeous beaches, breathtaking scenery, and dreamlike hotels. This boosts engagement on their page and dramatically increases the attention of their business’s page.

Build a Group for Your Raving Fans

Facebook has one of the best and easiest online group options. Building a community of people around your business helps you create a tight knit group of people who support your product or service. This stems from people’s desire to connect with others who share their same interests.

When composing your Facebook group, don’t name it after your company. Instead, make it focused around the problem your business solves. Stephanie Joanne, an online business guru who grew a seven figure fitness program, utilizes Facebook groups as a part of her sales funnel. In her signature business system, groups are centered on customer interests or intent. By creating Facebook groups around your business, you will not only have direct access to potential customers, you’ll also be developing a support group for your service.

Facebook is one platform that contains many tools that a lot of people don’t even come close to leveraging for their startup. Though they may seem uncommon, using Facebook live, sharing viral content, and creating groups, are three ways to growth hack your business’s success on Facebook.

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