3 Tactics to Implement Now for Effective Email Marketing

No one opens up their brand new email management system and sees thousands of prospects from day one. We all start with a single subscriber, and we grow our list from there.

But what you do while your list is growing is critical to your future success.

It’s never too early to start promoting.

This is the number one mistake those with a small list make. They believe—wrongly so, it turns out—that there’s no point in promoting to a small list.

There are two reasons this is a huge mistake. First, when all you send your list is information, and you never make an offer, you’re training them that there will never be an offer. Then the first time you send out an email promoting a product, they’ll react with indignation. How dare you try to sell them something?!?

The second issue with not promoting is that you’re creating a (bad) habit in yourself. Yes, it’s important that you provide value to your subscribers. It’s equally important that your mailing list not be an expensive time-suck. The only way your list will pay its way is if you’re presenting offers on a regular basis.

3 Tactics to Implement Now for Effective Email MarketingIt’s possible to promote too much.

Despite what we just said, it is possible to burn out your list with promotion after promotion. As I write this, it is Cyber Monday and we have all been bombarded for days! While this is just good marketing, make sure you give your subscribers a ‘breather’ from all the promotions now. If all you ever send to your subscribers is offers to buy, your unsubscribe rate will skyrocket.

Set up a system of nurturing your list by providing great value. Teach them to open your emails by striving to always include information they want and need. Share your stories with them. Tell them what you’ve learned. Interact with them. Promotions are necessary, but they’re not the primary way to connect with your list.

Make good use of list segmentation.

3 Tactics to Implement Now for Effective Email Marketing

Not everyone on your mailing list will benefit from the same information or promotions. Some subscribers may be at the beginning of their journey and just learning about the topics you cover. Others will be more advanced and in need of different advice. Some subscribers will be active buyers and jump on offers quickly. Others may not.

By creating segments in your mailing list software, you can provide your subscribers with exactly what they need when they need it. This targeted approach will result in more sales and a happier subscriber base.

Whether your list is 10 or 10,000, these strategies will help keep your list profitable, active, and responsive. And a responsive list is one of the most valuable assets entrepreneurs have. Take good care of it, and it will take care of you.

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