3 Reasons Why SEO Is the Best Investment for Your Business

by Tina DiSerafino February 13, 2016
February 13, 2016

Stream-Blog_Graphics_SEOBestInvestment_2-16Many rumors have been floating around the internet that SEO is dead. I can assure you that it’s far from dead, though it has changed and evolved to be more of a branding technique than an advertising strategy.

There have been many misleading opinions about SEO, such as wanting a nice-looking website and thinking users surfing the web will be able to find it. Well, I can tell you this: You can make your website as decorative as you want, with all of the bells and whistles, but without SEO, there’s a good chance it will remain lost in expanse of the World Wide Web.

Let’s look at a few reasons why SEO remains one of the best investments for your business.

SEO is Still Highly Effective

SEO still is the number one way to pull in organic traffic and leads through search engines. It’s a great way to attract traffic that may be in your competitor’s locations and, as a business owner, will increase your ROI.

For example, a car dealership client of Stream Companies located in Irvine, CA, is surrounded by competitors in the local areas that the dealership likes to target. By optimizing and creating SEO content targeting our client’s top competitors’ locations, our client is now ranking higher in Google Search than the competitor in that area. Because of this, internet surfers searching for a Honda dealer in that area will most likely click our client’s link before their competitors’ links.1

SEO Provides a Complete Guide for Your Site Visitors, Which Means More Leads

For our car dealership clients, our SEO team strives to make our clients’ websites fully inclusive Wikipedia guides for everything visitors need to know about a specific brand. If it’s a Honda dealer, we offer useful automotive content such as vehicle reviews and comparisons for each model. For service, our site visitors can find complete dashboard light guides and most popular searched service questions regarding oil changes, transmission problems, and more.

The main goal for an SEO strategy is to make our client’s website an ultimate source for everything their customers need so they won’t have to look elsewhere.

Keep in mind that the main goal is to always create SEO content that will increase the chance of conversions. When service content is created, it’s important to insert a unique call to action (CTA) leading the site visitor to easily schedule a service appointment on the site. Or if the content is automotive, you always want to add a CTA to schedule a test drive or contact the dealership.2

Mobile Traffic and Local Search Optimization Is on the Rise

According to statistics, 52.7% of internet users were mobile users. There’s a prediction that in 2017, this will increase to roughly 65%. With the average American owning at least one smartphone, it’s impossible for organic traffic numbers not to increase.

What does this mean for business owners? The dramatic increase of mobile phone usage has created a whole new ballgame in SEO, such as the concept of local search optimization. Because search engines are becoming more localized, it’s important to have SEO content on your site optimizing for the geographic locations you wish to target so Google recognizes where your business is located.3



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