3 Examples of Sales Emails That Don’t Suck

November 26, 2015

Building a sales pipeline is instrumental to a company’s longevity. When the sales leads dry up no one wants to go fishing without any bait.

That’s why prospecting is an important component to a healthy sales pipeline. Prospecting comes in many forms: email, social media and cold calling. All of which to be honest isn’t the most fun activity for a sales or marketing professional.

Prospecting is the best! Said no one ever.

To help get over the hump of putting that fishing line in the water, here are 3 sales emails you can use the next time you are out there fishing.

Example Email #1 – That Doesn’t Suck

Have a little bit of fun with it.

I have found the best way to break the ice with prospects is through humor. Humor in a sales email is often effective because it catches the reader off guard. Imagine opening what you think may be another boring sales pitch to discover that it’s actually entertaining.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.31.16 AM

Sales emails with a touch of humor have a time and place, just know your audience and you will be fine.

Example Email #2 – That Doesn’t Suck

Let’s be honest for a moment.

What does your product do that other products on the market don’t? How can it help your prospects accomplish their goals or meet their deadlines?

Let’s talk about you, you, and you vs. me, me, and me.

I can’t tell you how many times I have received sales emails that are about what the product does, features and benefits, and that’s when I tune out…

Switch the conversation to them, the more specific the better.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.32.17 AM

Paper plates made with rice folks. I don’t think that’s really a thing or that it would save a manufacturer any money. However, you get my drift.

Example Email #3 – That Doesn’t Suck

The closer. As in the sales email and not the TV show.

Top performing sales professionals know that they need to ask for the sale. Closing is arguably the hardest part of a sales transaction. This is because the human brain has to make an unequivocal decision, do I say “yes” or “no”.

C’mon now make a decision either my product or service is a fit for you or it isn’t! The internal dialogue of many sales professionals.

Prospecting is all about assumptions. You are assuming the person you are prospecting to is your ideal target market. They may (and should) fit some defined criteria: job title, industry, vertical, or company size.

There are variables in this equation though: the prospect isn’t the right person to speak with inside the company, the company doesn’t have a budget for your product or service or they just aren’t interested because it doesn’t fit their sales or marketing goals.

Basically asking is the best method to qualify.

You may not always get a reply. However, asking a qualifying question vs. jumping into a sales pitch is better time spent prospecting.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.34.21 AM

These are my top 3 favorite sales emails that we use often at ProspectNinja, and it’s not because I have a personal affection for them, it’s because they work. Try them out for yourself and let me know.

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