11 Great Email Marketing Solutions

What is your favorite email marketing solution right now? What is the reason you chose it over similar services?

1. StreamSend

11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d4c5.pngI like making everything into one simple stream — my brain hurts when I have to juggle too many platforms. StreamSend understands that and combines my need for having a social media component with my email tracking. It does email tracking, list management and real time reporting. It also connects with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s so easy — I don’t know what I did before it. – Rob FultonExponential Black

2. Contactually

Contactually11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d216.png is great because it allows you to set up campaigns, as well put things in “Pipeline” (the upgraded version) so that you can see the development of new relationships overtime. They also allow you to set up reminders and actions for things you need to do, and provide statistics and tracking as well as a relationship “grade” so you know how your relationship management is going. – Lauren PerkinsPerks Consulting

3. Constant Contact

11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d2c1.pngWe use Constant Contact for its ease of use, range of existing templates and reporting options. – David EhrenbergEarly Growth Financial Services

4. Hubspot

11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 53dab86d6e730ca9008b4567.pngAn email marketing solution is only as good as the information ecosystem around it. Yes, Hubspot makes it easy to create great looking emails. The thing that really makes it number one, though, is its contacts and list tools. These help make sure you’re properly segmenting your database and sending information to the people who’ll find that information to be the most valuable. – Joshua MarchConversocial

5. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d19d.png has an easy-to-use interface and is perfect for people who want to make email marketing simple. This service has all the necessary features to launch an effective email marketing campaign, and best of all it’s priced at a fraction of the cost when compared to its big name brand competitors. –Anthony SaladinoKitchen Cabinet Kings

6. Mixpanel

Mixpanel11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d3fa.png isn’t an email marketing service by definition, but that piece of its offering is one of its most valuable. Mixpanel allows for tracking of individual users and their activity on your app or website. You can then trigger emails based on custom events and activity, which has allowed us to dramatically improve our retention by finding the precise moments to re-engage users new and old. – James SimpsonGoldFire Studios

7. MailChimp

11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d52d.pngWe’ve used Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, MailerMailer, SendGrid, iContact, MailChimp and JangoMail. My favorite would be MailChimp right now. And it’s for one simple reason — speed. Its emails send out sooner than those through other services, though deliverability is pretty consistent across the top 10 platforms as long as you set up an SPF record and DomainKeys. – Gideon KimbrellInList Inc

8. SendGrid

SendGrid11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d22c.png is a great service for email marketing. We chose to start using SendGrid for our email marketing solution since we were already using the service to power transactional emails on Poshly’s website. SendGrid’s email analytics are really expansive, and they also offer account management services which can be useful when sending out so many emails each day to consumers. – Doreen BlochPoshly Inc.

9. LeanData

11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 53c41b4d6e730ca5008b4567.pngI love LeanData. It fills a huge void in account-based marketing in Salesforce’s CRM, a tool our clients use. For years, people have tried to relate data together on the leads side of the house before they take on the form of accounts and contacts. LeanData does this and is priced in a manner that makes sense. – Justin GrayLeadMD

10. SendReach

SendReach11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5399e555c041b678df0041b7.png is a new service that’s innovating what was a fairly stale email autoresponder industry. SendReach offers one-click subscriptions. The business owner can have a Facebook button and Google+ button on their opt-in page. The user just clicks one button to subscribe. This is great for mobile phones. SendReach also pulls in data from the social profiles connected to that email. – Joshua LeeStandOut Authority

11. Ontraport

11 Great Email Marketing Solutions image 5398a1dd9fa38581b2f3d2d2.pngI’m a huge fan of more high-level marketing automation tools like Ontraport and Hubspot over the more basic list managers like Mailchimp. Not only is deliverability higher, but you’ve got a lot more control and clarity than you do with a more basic approach. Solutions like this are much more expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. – Travis SteffenMentorMojo

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