10 Characteristics of an Agile Business (Infographic)

  • April 20, 2015

    Demands in the workplace are changing as the government introduces new policies which support a more flexible workplace. If your business isn’t prepared to become more agile, you’re likely to lose out to your competitors. Businesses need to stay one step ahead, not only in terms of agility, but also when it comes to their communications. By ensuring that you have a communications solution that will support these flexible business needs you can retain the good service your customers have come to expect whilst also supporting your staffs evolving work requirements.

    We define what an agile business is, how you can achieve it and why your telecoms infrastructure is so important. Unified communications is essential to a business that wishes to achieve agility. We will discuss why you should consider a provider who can deliver voice, data and mobile communications within one package and how this will benefit your business, your team and your employees. We will explore how unified communications is compatible with changes in working environment, the disappearance of traditional working hours and government legislation surrounding flexible hours.

    Introducing an infrastructure that allows room for flexibility and agility places customers at the heart your business. By enabling your team to work remotely and in a flexibly, your customers will be able to make contact when it best suits them as your business will always be switched on. Unified communications enables your infrastructure to be scaled according to peaks and troughs, particularly useful during seasonal periods where business is likely to quickly increase.

    This infographic highlights how businesses can benefit from introducing unified communications. It documents the top ten characteristics of a flexible business, including the ability to cope with the demand caused by seasonal changes and responding to customers’ and employees needs appropriately.  These 10 characteristics can be adopted by your business in order to increase agility, respond to changes quickly and save on costs.

    10 characteristics of an agile business

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    This infographic first appeared on the Gamma blog. 

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