Your Ultimate Holiday Email Sending Checklist [Infographic]

  • December 9, 2014

    You’re probably pumped and ready for holidays by now, having consumed more than your fill of pumpkin pie and memorized all of the lyrics on your holiday playlist. On the email front, you have cleaned your contact lists and re-engaged inactive customers.

    You’ve probably also read our weekly holiday email series, where we’ve been giving tips on proper settings for high deliverability and responsive design, personalization, and how inner content can be more important than the subject line. You know that SPF and DKIM authentication keys should be set up and that a single-column layout is best for responsiveness across screens. It can feel like you’ve done a lot of planning and learning – the pressure of hitting your set KPIs can also start to kick in. While you may feel well-prepared and ready to just press send already, now is not the time to celebrate just yet.

    Looking at a piece of work for too long can actually make it easier for you to overlook a mistake or an extra opportunity to further optimize your email campaign. Some of these points, if missed, can be very costly both from a revenue standpoint and a customer experience perspective. Be sure to recruit a pair of fresh eyes, be it someone from your team or a friend, to help you review your email as a consumer. This will give you an opportunity to see how they navigate through your call-to-actions and see if they understand the core message without having prior knowledge on the matter.

    To help make the reviewing process easier for you and your team, we’ve summed up a list of key topics we’ve discussed and areas email senders typically overlook. From testing to deliverability and content, we’ve got you covered with your Ultimate Email Holiday Checklist.

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