Working 7 Popular New Year’s Resolutions Into Email Marketing

  • by Ben Smith December 27, 2015
    December 27, 2015

    The new year is fast approaching, which means billions of people are going to be buying into the whole “new year, new me” stuff that usually ends with “new year, same me from last year.” Still, people are making their lists of resolutions. Safe money is that any of you reading this have done or are going to do the same.

    You know, stuff like eating healthy…

    …losing weight, even though that comes with eating healthy, but some people don’t want to do that so they just trust in exercise and will power…

    …saving money…

    …stressing less…

    …committing more time to your family…

    …learning a new talent…

    …or living lift to the fullest…

    …if any of that is on your list for the new year, congratulations! These are the most consistently popular resolutions year after year. And congratulations! That means you already are in the frame of mind to make these work for your email marketing strategy for the new year!

    Remember, it’s important to stay timely and relevant when it comes to get people to look at your messages — s0 start gearing your content, CTAs, and subject lines to fit around these. After all, what’s more important than reminding your subscribers that you care about all the resolutions they’re going to inevitably break?

    To help get the creative juices flowing, we’ve put together some quick subject lines aimed at making your subscribers feel alright about their lives while gently reminding them it’s time to make some changes:

    7. Do You Really Need To Eat That Extra Snickers Bar?

    6. When’s The Last Time You Lifted Something Heavier Than The Remote?

    5. Did No One Get You What You Wanted For Christmas? Check Out Our Half-Off Sale!

    4. Stress Will Put You In An Early Grave. Free Shipping On All Therapeutic Candles!

    3. Do You Even Remember How Many Kids You Have Or Even Their Names? Time For An All-Inclusive Vacation!

    2. Stop Being Boring And Start Contributing To Society! Check Out Our 5-Week-To-PhD Plan!

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