Work Remotely with These 4 Tools for Business

Work Remotely with These 4 Tools for Business

Today I have some tools to help you take your business fully online in a remote environment.

Working from home can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools in place to organize your time and projects. You can make your day more efficient in a remote environment. There are several helpful resources that will make this a simple, and affordable process. Would you like to set up your office from home? Take advantage of these great tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Virtual events and meetings – Zoom

Host your next webinar, meeting or special event without the need for travel. Zoom is a simple way to get together with team members, leads and customers. The new hybrid workforce is the trend today. Features include HD video, cloud phone service, live streaming, live chat, virtual conference rooms and more. Save your videos for later access and integrate other apps such as Gmail, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.

Work Remotely with These 4 Tools for Business

2) Online team collaboration – ProofHub

Do you need to work directly with a team member, lead or client in a virtual environment? ProofHub provides a way to instantly host a meeting and share ideas, provide valuable input, and get important projects completed on time. The built-in Kanban boards will enable users to self manage projects as well as plan and visualize in a timeline view. Integrated custom workflows and notes will help your organization stay on task and meet important deadlines.

Work Remotely with These 4 Tools for Business

3) Remove distracting background noise – Krisp

Are you experiencing disruptions from a barking dog, lawn mover, or other sounds in your home office? Krisp is an app that will help filter out those noises and echoes with one tap of a button. This is a great tool to use if you are hosting a call and do not want other participants to hear each other as well. Voice quality is in full HD along with custom backgrounds for better viewing.

Work Remotely with These 4 Tools for Business

4) Know where people are joining live from –

If you are communicating with clients or workers from various places then this app will help you to know the best times instantly without the need to do a search online. allows you to easily plan group meetings, make remote phone calls, and connect with others at just the right time in this new era of global meetings.

Work Remotely with These 4 Tools for Business

Hopefully you will find these remote tools useful to your brand or business. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.

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