Why Your E-Commerce Site Needs Live Chat

— February 15, 2017

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A positive customer experience is one of the hallmarks of a company’s long-term success. One of the keys to providing an exceptional customer experience is giving customers the ability to speak with your company directly when they have questions, comments, or concerns.

For e-commerce sites — which are typically known for being streamlined, it might not be feasible to have a customer service department answering calls 24/7. However, a live chat service can solve the customer service aspect, while providing a number of other benefits as well.

Improve Conversion Rates

It has been proven in study after study that live chat increases the chances that a customer who is on the fence about purchasing your product will ultimately decide to go ahead with the purchase. This makes sense, since a live chat representative can address customer questions that might otherwise go unanswered. Live chat representatives essential act as sales representatives, overcoming objections and ensuring that customers know everything they need to make a purchasing decision.

Increased Potential to Upsell

Along the same lines, a live chat representative can increase the upsell potential of your site. By identifying add-ons or other upsells that the customer might be interested in and not yet know about, the live chat representative can increase the value of each customer.

Better Understanding Your Customers Interests & Concerns

Finally, having a live chat representative that is asking and responding to questions will give you a better sense of what customers care about. By matching live chat conversations with successful (and unsuccessful) sales, you can better pinpoint what your e-commerce site is doing right, and what it is doing wrong.

Live chat is a simple way to improve the value of your e-commerce site, while also providing an improved customer experience overall. Be sure to take advantage of live chat in order to maximize the potential of your site.

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