Why LinkedIn Has Become An Asset For Me

Linkedin AssetLinkedin Is The Place For Moving Ahead As A Professional

I recently wrote an article, Time to Change the Way I Use LinkedIn and it has been the difference maker for me. Let me explain how it can be an asset. Also, let me give you a piece of advice. With any type of asset, you need to make sure you manage it well and continue to understand how it can pay dividends for you over time.

A Strong Blog Audience

I have been blogging for seven years, both personally and professionally. Over the past year, I have replicated these articles over to the LinkedIn Blogging Platform and have found a new audience. My blog site will always be an asset because I own it, but I am willing to take the risk and invest time and energy into a platform that I do not own. The key for me is I get to experience an audience hungry for good, sound business information. Also, your post goes directly to people who are interested in your information. It is a win-win.

Great Business Professionals

LinkedIn’s core base is business professionals. That is really the key for me. On Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ how do you know if you are connected to a professional. You have limited information to go on. On LinkedIn, you can check out people’s information and learn more about them in a couple of minutes. Know your audience and spend time with the type of people you want to connect with.

Helps Market Your Profile

When people search for your on Google, what do you want the first item to be? If you are active on LinkedIn, your LinkedIn Profile should be the first item under your name. This helps you establish instant credibility with your audience.

Taking Networking To A New Level

There are some extremely talented, gifted and smart people on LinkedIn who are willing to share their opinions with you. I especially love it when my ideas are questioned. This site is not about connecting with people who always say “yes” to the material you write. These people will tell you if you are off-base and provide you with examples. I LOVE IT!

The Great People Rise To The Top!

On LinkedIn, the people who rise to the top for me are those people who share from their own experiences. Over the last couple of years, I have grown tired of receiving content or news that is shared. If I want that type of information, I will go over to the Newsfeed sites like Facebook or Twitter. Yes, LinkedIn has some of that too, but the best part is you can quickly find another contact who has something much better to say.

Connect With People In Different Areas Of A Company

How cool is it that you can now connect with companies at different levels and different departments. This information has helped me connect with current executives and upcoming stars. Also, you can go directly to specific departments and identify key people in the organization. Remember not all decisions are made at the top of the organization.


Get on LinkedIn today. Don’t wait for someone to explain how it works or how to join a group. The best way to use LinkedIn is to get on it everyday and start connecting with people. Look at the updates and see the type of information people are posting. Look at some of the Pulse articles and start learning. Once you get comfortable, take the leap and share some content with your connections. Start by sharing from your experiences and think of ways to add value for other people.

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