Why Care For and Nurture IT Prospects?

— April 17, 2017

Some prospects such as IT Managers, IT Directors, CIOs and CTOs are harder to reach than others. They are the busiest person within an organization together with C-level prospects, Presidents and Business Owners.

But despite their busy schedule, why do we need to care and nurture IT prospects? Is nurturing necessary? Is it worth your time chasing IT prospects?

Yes, it is! Around 27% of B2B leads are considered sales-ready on your first call or email attempt. If you don’t invest time and effort following up your IT prospects, you’ll lose good leads, forever. Sales conversion process often takes time. Why?

First, IT projects takes time and are costly. Thorough planning and evaluating is needed before they can decide whether to push through with the project or not. Second, different leaders within an organization are involved in the decision making process.

So how do you nurture and transform your prospects into solid leads? Here are some effective ways to reach out and follow up on them.


  • Best day to call: Tuesday to Thursday. Never call on a Monday. Monday is meeting day for IT prospects.
  • Best time to call: IT leaders are more likely to work on odd business hours. It is best to call between 7:30-8:30.


Send out contents that would make your prospect say, “tell me more…” Focus on the features and benefits of your product and base your value proposition to the needs and wants of your prospect.


IT leaders are hard to reach prospects. Don’t give up and get discouraged if prospects are not calling you back or returning your emails. Regardless of the reason, oftentimes, it takes 3 to 5 attempts to reach IT prospects because of their busy schedule. Don’t misinterpret their lack of response as a lack of interest. Just because they are not returning your calls or emails doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity to do business with them.


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