What Are the Benefits of Cloud ERP Solutions? [Infographic]

May 16, 2016

Cloud ERP Solutions

On paper, cloud ERP solutions are broadly similar to hosted ERP solutions in that, from the installation to the ongoing maintenance of the software, everything happens offsite. The crucial difference is that, rather than purchasing a license to use the ERP, you instead pay a monthly or annual fee to access the software across the internet. With cloud ERP solutions, the same software is used by multiple companies. However, each of these companies will have a secure space to store its data.

What Are the Main Benefits of Cloud ERP Solutions?

Reduced Initial Investments

Before the rise of the cloud, any business that wished to invest in an ERP solution also had to invest in a server. And in many cases, it is also necessary to hire or train a skilled IT specialist to keep up with the ongoing maintenance and upgrades. This large initial investment has always been beyond the capabilities of smaller businesses and start-ups. Of course, the option was always there to go for the hosted approach. But even then, the cost of purchasing a license upfront was often prohibitively high.

But with cloud ERP solutions, everything is based offsite, and all the upgrades and maintenance is handled by trained specialists with no added cost. This means that there’s no need to invest in expensive hardware and upgrades, and no need to employ or train your own IT support team. What’s more, the cost of investing in a cloud ERP solution can be broken down into easily-manageable monthly payments. This singularly unlocks the benefits of ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes.


This is the big one. Onsite ERP solutions can only be accessed via onsite computers that are directly connected to the server. But with cloud ERP solutions, everything’s stored in the cloud. The clue’s in the name!

This means that you can access all the features you need to run your business from anywhere in the world. And you can do so on any device, be it tablet, desktop, or mobile. With a cloud ERP solution, you can access your business from anywhere that has an internet connection. Not only does this guarantee increased efficiency and accountability, it also delivers total peace of mind. No matter where you are, you’ll always be able to check in and reassure yourself that everything’s running smoothly.

Hopefully, this infographic summarises it all for you:

What Are the Benefits of Cloud ERP Solutions? [Infographic]


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