Weighing the Potential of Niche Blogging

  • March 6, 2015

    Would you like to earn a living through blogging?

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    Image via Flickr

    Today, blogging is considered as one of the most practical and effective ways to promote one’s brand or business. Millions of blogs exist, with some of them acting as personal diaries while some are built for the sole purpose of advertising. Specifically, one form has become a lucrative option for content marketing: the niche blog. As the name implies, it is dedicated to providing in-depth information about one pinpointed topic. Moreover, a beginner in the world of blog marketing — the process of advertising a product or a business using blogs — arguably has a decent chance of immediately attracting readers and potential customers through the utilization of niche blogging ideas.

    Developing Your Niche Market

    Here is a simple introduction on how to start a niche blog. For you to start blogging, you must first determine your content. It would definitely help if you are genuinely interested in your topic, so much so that you would be willing to talk about it almost every day for quite some time. This means having a topic specific enough that you won’t have too much competition, yet varied in a way that you can concoct topics out of it day in and day out. In a way, you are asking yourself whether you are ready and capable of capitalizing on your interests. Additionally, you should be able to not only provide primary knowledge, but also secondary information by identifying other legitimate sources. After all, people would trust you more if you can readily back up your claims.

    Next, consider the overall competition. Large, established websites can easily outrank you in search engines simply because of the quantity of their content and their financial advantage. However, picking the right keywords which others are not keen on can help you get numerous readers. For example, you can narrow down your posts to discussions about the iPhone 6 instead of everything about Apple. This will persuade people into thinking that your blog can actively provide updates regarding their niche interest. Simply put, make them realize that you have something new to offer.

    Advantages of Being Particular

    It’s true that what you omit is as crucial as what you commit. One of the great things about niche blogs is the fact that the uniqueness of your content can lead to viral marketing. If a reader shares your post in a social network or in another blog, viewership slightly increases. At best, people with great social clout will pick up your content and lead to a snowball effect of instant popularity. While this avalanche of interest might be short-term, the effects in terms of search engine rankings will be for the long run. More often than not, this is one of the most essential niche blogging tips available out there.

    As niche blogs are the core of your content marketing strategy, be ready to customize your work in relation to the growing customer base. Because digital marketing is still faced with apprehension due to its fast-paced nature, try making an effective advertisement about the unlimited potential of online publicity. Convince them that digital marketing is a safe and reasonable approach to business.

    The Power of Engagement

    Content effectiveness requires a reciprocal relationship between you and your readers. Aside from allowing transparency in your blog by citing sources, you should also allow even anonymous users to comment and even criticize what you have to say about your product or business. Interact with your readers and welcome their suggestions and queries so that you can create a human connection online, rather than making them feel like the blog was created by unmindful, disinterested people.

    Now, utilize your accounts in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram for easier access to the public. These are just some of the tools you may use in content marketing. Invite people to your official blog page, and post links to your niche blog constantly. Be friendly with them and ride on the daily trends in your feed to get their attention. In addition, collaborate with other bloggers and try being a guest writer for free. Who knows, potential business relationships abound. Don’t be afraid of using hashtags to determine what’s currently popular if it means getting a much needed boost.

    Inadequacies in Niche Blogging

    One of the dangers in niche blogs is the risk of finding out that your topic won’t last as long as you wanted it to. While the topic of interest might give you sufficient viewership, a trendy one such as a weekly television series means that it’s demise would lead to the downfall of your own work. In terms of viral marketing, the fact that you won’t have control of your content once it becomes known by the public could backfire due to faulty interpretations or perceptions about your business.

    Additionally, when it comes to finding strategic keywords, sometimes bloggers make the mistake of equating uncommon topics with those that are never interesting enough to be talked about. The former is what you should focus on because people will search for it, while the latter will provide you less benefits even if you try hard. Interestingly, while it is suggested to focus on one topic, it doesn’t amount to relying on just a single keyword.

    Trend Watch

    Now that we’ve considered the pros and cons of niche blogging, it’s safe to say that rewards will still require patience and perhaps a bit of luck. The trends currently involve uniqueness and genuine content, with the biggest factor for growth being the virality of your posts. Be creative without having to use difficult terms, and establish a positive online reputation. As noted by Search Opt Media, do allow your customers to navigate through your niche blog easily, so that digging for information wouldn’t prove to be a stressful task in itself. Turn their queries into potential successful posts and do not overlook even the smallest complaints.

    Additionally, constant utilization of social networks are still key in achieving this snowball effect. However, take note of this important fact when it comes to content effectiveness: your content matters the most, as publicity through social networks can only gain traction if what you offer has value for others. Avoid being generic, and be specific effectively.

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