Vital Stats You Should Know About App Developers / Development [Infographic]

— November 14, 2016

While everybody knows that iOS and Android are the two most popular platforms for smartphone operating systems, did you know that Android developers are paid more at an average of $ 168/hr, against $ 150/hr for iOS devs?

The mobile industry has really seen great leaps in technology, and even greater leaps from a business perspective. People just love purchasing the latest flagship releases, and even now there are still plenty of people who are yet to get their first smartphone, meaning the market is already sizeable but it can still get bigger.

One thing that grows in proportion to smartphone sales is app development. After all, we purchase a phone not really for the hardware, but for the things that you can do with it. Applications can make or break a phone’s sales numbers. Just look at Nokia; while before, they were the biggest name in the industry, now they are well behind the likes of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and many others. All because they didn’t have the apps.

The applications that you can get on each platform are varied and number in the millions. You can get bite-sized games that you can play on your commute, or multiplayer games that can last for months. You can have alarms and calendars that remind you to go for a run or attend a meeting downtown. There are also programs that can track your health and sleep cycle, and the list goes on and on.

Developments in the mobile industry will continue its run even if the hardware sales start to dwindle, and although, there is plenty of competition, it still remains one of the most stable industries.

Read on for more facts and statistics about app development in the below infographic from Dot Com Infoway.


Source: Dot Com Infoway

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