Upping the Quantity and Quality of Your LinkedIn Contacts

  • by Aidan Crawford May 18, 2016
    May 18, 2016

    grow your LinkedIn networkMost people who have adopted LinkedIn as a tool to find new clients – outbound prospecting – do so very artfully.

    Much of it has to do with who you’ve brought into your network. Call it the proximity effect. If you’ve got the ‘right’ kind of people in your network, others will want to connect with you and with your company because of course, you look like the ‘right people’ too!

    So the big question is how do you get those prospects to come to you? The content you post – blogs, reposts of relevant content – along with the frequency make you more interesting in general than folks who merely set up a profile and never work it.

    Continue to seek out new people by actively monitoring who’s checked out your profile. Then check out their connections. If everything looks good ask for an introduction via a mutual acquaintance or just get in touch and drop some mutual names. You never know – they person you are looking at may be the one doing the requesting.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is also a great tool for prospecting, as well as social listening. It has more advanced search features and deeper visibility into LinkedIn. Consider this question: is developing your own leads and prospecting an important component of your job? If yes, then Sales Navigator is definitely worth the investment.

    Better still, if your company purchases the corporate edition of Sales Navigator, it ties all the individual LinkedIn licenses together and gives you a management reporting or dashboard feature, which includes the ability to view everybody’s Social Selling Index scores.

    So whether it be upping your prospecting game on regular LinkedIn or diving into Sales Navigator’s in depth possibilities, there’s many ways to bring up the number of quality contacts in your LinkedIn world.

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